Human head and neck Headband

Objective: The goal is to correctly guess the card on your head!Objective: The goal is to correctly guess the card on your head!
The dealer gives each person a card that the players hold up onto their foreheads. They cannot see their own card. The dealer then tells the players the sum (for challenge, use the product) of all the players’ cards. Headband
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Headband Order Form NameHeadband Order Form Name
Choose one of the following for $5 or Personalize your own for $1 more. $5 Text Options. Headband
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Dance House Productions 2011 Recital Costume InformationDance House Productions 2011 Recital Costume Information
On the following pages you will find any and all information that concerns your child’s costume. Headband
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Recital Hair & Hairpieces for Each ClassRecital Hair & Hairpieces for Each Class
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Img src= data: image/pngImg src= data: image/png
Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. You will be emailed when your order is complete. Headband
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Costume InstructionsCostume Instructions
Costume, hair, makeup, shoes and tights need to be what is listed for both the dress rehearsal and recital. All shoes for recital dances were the required shoes listed in the Parent Guide. Any hair pieces listed below will be on the child’S. Headband
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Headband vs hair control deviceHeadband vs hair control device
Headbands and wristbands must be white, black, beige or a single solid color similar to the torso of the jersey and must be the same color for each item and all participants. See 3-6 for logo requirements. Headband
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Headband Materials neededHeadband Materials needed
This is the length to cut your headband. If the fabric is very stretchy, you may have to cut it shorter. Headband
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Knit Headband with Knot MaterialsKnit Headband with Knot Materials
At the fabric store take the bolt of fabric and fold the knit fabric, parallel to and about 12 inches from the cur edge. Headband
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Knotted Headband Materials neededKnotted Headband Materials needed
Fold in half lengthwise, right sides together. Stitch long edges together, leaving 4” unsown at each end. Use 5/8” seam allowance. Headband
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Klc creationsKlc creations
Baby girls aren’t always blessed with enough hair to hold a bow or small barrette. Thus, the headband was invented. Headbands are easy to make and add just the right touch to finish off an outfit. Headband
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Nebraska school activities associationNebraska school activities association
If the uniform top is manufactured to be tucked in, it must be tucked in. If the uniform top doesn’t extend to the waistline, it is illegal. Rationale for Games Committee “tuck” rule is to prevent top from covering up the competitor’s hip. Headband
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VanDyke Lace HeadbandVanDyke Lace Headband
Finish by kitchnering the live stitches together. Sew ends together and weave in ends. Headband
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