Human head and neck Fibrous tunic

Anatomy & Physiology: Special SensesAnatomy & Physiology: Special Senses
Optic foramen – opening in posterior wall through which the optic nerve and ophthalmic nerve pass. Fibrous tunic
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Structures of the Eye (May 22)Structures of the Eye (May 22)
A. Focuses light onto the retina; biconvex, transparent, flexible structure that can change shape; held in place by suspensory ligaments. Fibrous tunic
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Eye Oral Quiz KeyEye Oral Quiz Key
Students will have seconds to verbally explain & identify (on a model) the structures of the eye & their functions. Students will also identify the 3 tunics of the eye. Fibrous tunic
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Anatomy and Physiology 2015-2016 Exam 4Anatomy and Physiology 2015-2016 Exam 4
The transparent anterior portion of the outer eye coat which allows light rays to enter the interior of the eye is the. Fibrous tunic
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Equine vision The eye of a horse The equine eyeEquine vision The eye of a horse The equine eye
Both the strengths and weaknesses of the horse's visual abilities should be taken into consideration when training the animal, as an understanding of the horse's eye can help to discover why the animal behaves the way he does in various. Fibrous tunic
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Chapter 16 the special senses outline and Objectives introductionChapter 16 the special senses outline and Objectives introduction
Discuss the anatomic relation of cells in the olfactory mucosa and describe the cellular parts with respect to function. Fibrous tunic
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Senses: General and Special I. Two DivisionsSenses: General and Special I. Two Divisions
Pacinian (Lamellated) corpuscle – Located deeper in dermis. Larger structure lamellated with ct. Fibrous tunic
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