Human head and neck Epiglottic vallecula

Central DuPage Hospital Emergency Servics systemCentral DuPage Hospital Emergency Servics system
Impending airway obstruction/respiratory failure (e g burns to the airway, severe asthma, chronic pulmonary disease (copd) exacerbation, severe pulmonary edema when the patient develops fatigue and may go into respiratory arrest. Epiglottic vallecula
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Why we intubate 1 Can’t protect the airwayWhy we intubate 1 Can’t protect the airway
This document doesn’t reflect the views or opinions of the Department of Defense, the us army or the saushec em residency, 2011 em basic, Steve Carroll do. May freely distribute with proper attribution. Epiglottic vallecula
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Epiglottitis EpidemiologyEpiglottitis Epidemiology
H influenza (25%), h parainfluenza, strep pneumoniae, grp a strep, staph aureus; strep and staph most common causes now; Candida in immunocomp. Epiglottic vallecula
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Theatre & performance Research AssociationTheatre & performance Research Association
Spoken voice training has for too long relied on historical methodologies for actor training. Understanding the vocal needs of a musical theatre performer has been a major concern. Epiglottic vallecula
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1. Which of the following is your primary goal during airway management?1. Which of the following is your primary goal during airway management?
You are on scene managing a 14-year-old asthmatic male. He is breathing 28 breaths/min and has retractions. Which of the following is your primary focus?. Epiglottic vallecula
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Carcinoma Larynx Laryngeal cancerCarcinoma Larynx Laryngeal cancer
The incidence of laryngeal tumors is closely correlated with smoking, as head and neck tumors occur 6 times more often among cigarette smokers than among nonsmokers. Epiglottic vallecula
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Ap unit 2 Comprehensive review part IIAp unit 2 Comprehensive review part II
True/false the epiglottis is attached to the vallencula which in turn is attached to the base of the tongue. Epiglottic vallecula
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Review of epithelial tissue types the airwaysReview of epithelial tissue types the airways
The passageway between the external environment and the gas exchange areas are called the conducting airways. The conducting airways are divided into the upper and lower airways. Epiglottic vallecula
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Gross anatomy board review 2006Gross anatomy board review 2006
Recently, his pain has worsened and following an intense imaging study, you discover that the body of his L4 vertebra has shifted anteriorly on the defect causing the displacement of L4 is most likely located in which of the following. Epiglottic vallecula
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Adult epiglottitisAdult epiglottitis
Note the well defined air column running from the base of the tongue anteriorly to the superior tip of the epiglottitis. This is the vallecula and it lies roughly parallel to the pharyngotracheal air column. Also note the thin epiglottis. Epiglottic vallecula
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