Human head and neck Common facial vein

Venae comitantesVenae comitantes
This exchange includes oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, water and inorganic ions, vitamins, hormones, metabolic products, antibodies and defensive cells of various kinds. Common facial vein
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Questions: AortaQuestions: Aorta
Aorta. Branches of the aortic arch (external and internal carotid, subclavian arteries): topography, branches, the area of blood supply. Blood supply of the brain and spinal cord. Thoracic aorta. Common facial vein
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Scalp Anatomy of the ScalpScalp Anatomy of the Scalp
The scalp extends from the supra-orbital margins anteriorly to the superior nuchal line posteriorly & slopes on each side to the superior temporal line. The forehead is common to both the scalp & face. Common facial vein
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Human Anatomy Lecture: 11 Dr. Hatem a hatemHuman Anatomy Lecture: 11 Dr. Hatem a hatem
The veins of the head and neck collect deoxygenated blood and return it to the heart. Anatomically, the venous drainage can be divided into three parts. Common facial vein
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Cervical Vascular Injury ScaleCervical Vascular Injury Scale
Cervical Vascular Injury Scale modified from: Moore et al. J trauma 41. Common facial vein
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The Oral Cavity Page of The Oral Cavity [S1]The Oral Cavity Page of The Oral Cavity [S1]
Let’s start with a simple definition. People call it the mouth, which is a very simplistic way to think about it. Common facial vein
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