Human head and neck Collar stays

Collar stays
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If you can’t dry clean it, don’t wear it’; partner advises male lawyers on business casualIf you can’t dry clean it, don’t wear it’; partner advises male lawyers on business casual
Harrumph! After receiving several complaints, the office managing partner of a national law firm has decided the firm’s poorly dressed male lawyers need some business-casual guidelines. Collar stays
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Requested Items 11 Brand Windbreakers (72304)Requested Items 11 Brand Windbreakers (72304)
Collar stays
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Women’s clothes & accessories (Br. E. / Am. E.)Women’s clothes & accessories (Br. E. / Am. E.)
Collar stays
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Specifications – Uniform Shirts styleSpecifications – Uniform Shirts style
The right front shall be plain with a minimum turned back facing of 1 ¼”. There shall be no raw edge on this facing. 19 ligne buttons shall be attached to the right with corresponding buttonholes on the placket. Collar stays
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Comfort Zone™ Knit ShirtComfort Zone™ Knit Shirt
Style: Knit shirt, pullover, 3-button placket front, knit collar, hemmed cuffs, tennis tail, side vents, raglan sleeve, microphone tabs. Collar stays
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Standard Operating ProcedureStandard Operating Procedure
Pin it to the left side of the cap in an upright position with the center 2" from the front seam and 1 1/2" above the bottom edge. Collar stays
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Department of highway safetyand motor vehiclesDepartment of highway safetyand motor vehicles
Oz per linear yard. Breaking strength is 130 Pounds in the Warp, 120 Pounds in the Filling. Construction is 57 ends per inch By 46 picks per inch. Fiber length in the Wool is 3 5 inches average minimum, Polyester is 3 inches minimum. Collar stays
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Please put care tags in these garmentsPlease put care tags in these garments
This order is for 8 identical Shirts in different sizes. (Xs-1, s-2, m-2, l-2, xl-1) Please sew in ‘Size’ tag, centered under ‘Duchess Shirt’ tag. Collar stays
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Bring only essential items necessary for cruise – Space is LimitedBring only essential items necessary for cruise – Space is Limited
It is recommended (but not required) to bring your issued cap from indoc for workdays and purchase new one from ship’s store. Collar stays
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Sewing With Nancy® 2400 Series Program DescriptionsSewing With Nancy® 2400 Series Program Descriptions
Prog. 2401: Delightful Dresden Appliqués. Collar stays
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