Human head and neck Cisterna magna

Asma Khalil1, Catherine GarelAsma Khalil1, Catherine Garel
Systematic review and meta-analysis of isolated posterior fossa malformations on prenatal imaging (Part 2). Cisterna magna
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Other csf sampling Procedures Op5Other csf sampling Procedures Op5
G spinal needle is inserted perpendicular to neck and parallel to bed under lateral fluoroscopy. Cisterna magna
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Name: Date of BirthName: Date of Birth
Cisterna magna
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Table quantification of gfap and IbaI positive cells in brain sectionsTable quantification of gfap and IbaI positive cells in brain sections
Cisterna magna
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Organismal BiologyOrganismal Biology
Especially take note of how structures/organs are similar or dissimilar than those of the seastar and the shark that we dissected earlier in the semester. For many of the structures/organs/etc, the functions are listed in the lab manual. Cisterna magna
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Fetal checklistFetal checklist
Fluid volume: Subjective assessment is most reproducible. Maximum pocket depth can be used and should be measured directly a-p with respect to the mother and should be between 2 and 8 cm, without traversing fetal limbs or cord. Cisterna magna
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Pacific Medical Center PolyclinicPacific Medical Center Polyclinic
Situs with label (L) over fetal left side and annotating position as breech/ transverse or vertex. Cisterna magna
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Fetal Detailed ExamFetal Detailed Exam
Cisterna magna
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