Human head and neck Capirote

Semana Santa vocabularySemana Santa vocabulary
You will often hear him giving directions or encouragement as he directs the costaleros around corners, or just before they lift the float. Capirote
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Domingo de RamosDomingo de Ramos
Spain has lots of religious celebrations, but one of the most important is the Easter festival. Each area, city and town has its own way of celebrating, but the town of Seville has some of the most spectacular and elaborate celebrations. Capirote
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Book of the hunting of the birds Pedro Lopez de AyalaBook of the hunting of the birds Pedro Lopez de Ayala
M. Tello, 1879. Venatoria library, collated T. III) and with the version of Jose Fradejas Lebrero (New Madrid, Castalia, Col. Odres, 1969), whose criteria we followed in the majority of the cases. Capirote
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Très bonne initiative!Très bonne initiative!
Nous pourrons dorénavant commenter les documents, photos, textes qui apparaissent dans notre site. Nous interroger, demander des précisions des nouvelles de copains etc. Capirote
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