Human head and neck Canine fossa

Middle Pleistocene sub-Saharan African hominin fossilsMiddle Pleistocene sub-Saharan African hominin fossils
Adapted from: Mirazon Lahr m (2013) Genetic and fossil evidence for modern human origins. In: P mitchell & p lane (Eds) Oxford Handbook of African Archaeology, pp. 323-338, oup. Canine fossa
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Case report caldwell luc approach current scenarioCase report caldwell luc approach current scenario
Adip K. Shetty1, Akanksha A. Saberwal2, Haritosh K. Velankar3, Yogesh G. Dabholkar4, Mahak Rohmehtra5. Canine fossa
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Cranium asterionic notchCranium asterionic notch
The notch at the bottom-rear of the parietal bone, located over the mastoid process. Canine fossa
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Ant 3514 Intro to Biological AnthropologyAnt 3514 Intro to Biological Anthropology
The nodes on a cladogram represent shared derived features that unite a natural group of species to the exclusion of others. We will go over how this cladogram was constructed in lab. Canine fossa
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Student Learning Outcome (slo) Assessment Template Course Alpha and Number: Anth 215LStudent Learning Outcome (slo) Assessment Template Course Alpha and Number: Anth 215L
To identify (on human bones) the major bones of the human skull and post cranial skeleton, the major structures and landmarks on the bones, and explain their function. Canine fossa
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