Human head and neck Basilar artery

Model studies of blood flow in basilar artery with 3d laser Doppler AnemometerModel studies of blood flow in basilar artery with 3d laser Doppler Anemometer
Frolov S. V. 1, Sindeev S. V. 1, Liepsch D. 2, Balasso A. 3, Proskurin S. G. 1, Potlov A. Yu1. Basilar artery
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Icd codes for Stroke Entry CriteriaIcd codes for Stroke Entry Criteria
For a full description of the stroke diagnoses refer to the definition for Final clinical diagnosis related to stroke. Basilar artery
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Basilar artery occlusion at its bifurcationBasilar artery occlusion at its bifurcation
Basilar artery
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B bartholin’s glands (Disorders of)B bartholin’s glands (Disorders of)
The mucous secreting glands on either side of the vaginal opening are known as Bartholin’s glands. They may become cystic, inflamed or abscessed, frequently as a result of venereal infection. Basilar artery
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Cervical Tests for Vascular InsufficiencyCervical Tests for Vascular Insufficiency
Pt. Seated, history, bilateral blood pressure, subclavian & carotid artery bruit tests, vertebrobasilar artery functional maneuver. Basilar artery
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