Human head and neck Ampullary cupula

Vestibular Physiology Ear21 Vestibular PhysiologyVestibular Physiology Ear21 Vestibular Physiology
Although most of responses to stimulation of vestibular receptors are reflex in nature, vestibular impulses also reach cerebral cortex conscious perception of motion + orientation in space. Ampullary cupula
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Sound Transmission in the EarSound Transmission in the Ear
The sense of hearing is based on the physics of sound and the physiology of the external, middle, and inner ear, the nerves to the brain, and the brain parts involved. Ampullary cupula
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Table des matièresTable des matières
Illusions due to cross-coupled (Coriolis) stimulation of the semi-circular canals 13. Ampullary cupula
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Fri March 28 mechanoreceptorsFri March 28 mechanoreceptors
All animals can sense physical contact with their bodies. Such stimuli are detected by mechanoreceptors. Ampullary cupula
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Phys Chapter 55 Motor Cortex and Corticospinal TractPhys Chapter 55 Motor Cortex and Corticospinal Tract
Primary motor cortex begins laterally in sylvian fissure and spreads over the top to dip deep into longitudinal fissure. Ampullary cupula
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Cortical and Brain Stem Control of Motor Function Motor Cortex and Corticospinal TractCortical and Brain Stem Control of Motor Function Motor Cortex and Corticospinal Tract
Motor Cortex and Corticospinal Tract – motor cortex in front of central sulcus, somatosensory cortex behind central sulcus and feeds motor cortex signals to initiate motor activities. Ampullary cupula
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Exercise 25 Special Senses: Hearing and Equilibrium Answers to Pre-Lab Quiz (pp. 383–384)Exercise 25 Special Senses: Hearing and Equilibrium Answers to Pre-Lab Quiz (pp. 383–384)
No, the sound is less easily located if the source is equidistant from both ears. Sound arriving from spots equidistant from both ears arrives at each ear at the same time and with equal loudness. Ampullary cupula
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Anatomy of the Semicircular CanalsAnatomy of the Semicircular Canals
The planes of the canals form an array similar to the corner of a box that is rotated 45° out of the sagittal plane. Ampullary cupula
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Chapter 15b Hearing and EquilibriumChapter 15b Hearing and Equilibrium
Ampullary cupula
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Hearing & Mechanoreception (lateral line)Hearing & Mechanoreception (lateral line)
Both systems rely on hair cells. Draw a hair cell. Show inhibitory & excitatory reactions. Important this is that when the hairs bend, the cells fire. Ampullary cupula
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Physiology of equilibriumPhysiology of equilibrium
This is integrated in the central nervous system and is modulated by activity arising in the reticular formation, the extrapyramidal system, the cerebellum and the cortex. Ampullary cupula
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