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Eye condition fact sheet Light sensitivity: PhotophobiaEye condition fact sheet Light sensitivity: Photophobia
The symptoms of uveitis may include pain, sensitivity to bright lights and poor vision. Most cases of uveitis get better with treatment. Some types of uveitis are more difficult to treat and may cause more permanent changes to your vision. Uvea
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Uvea servicesUvea services
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Inflammation of the uvea) ) Anatomy of the uvea(uveal tract)Inflammation of the uvea) ) Anatomy of the uvea(uveal tract)
Uveitis, by strict definition implies an inflammation of the uveal tract. However, the term is commonly used to describe many forms of intraocular inflammation involving not only the uvea but also the retina and its vessels. Uvea
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Synopsis in ophthalmologySynopsis in ophthalmology
Conjunctivitis. Allergic conjunctivitis. 25. Trachoma. Ethiology, clinical features, treatment, complications, prophylaxis. Uvea
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