Human head and neck Supraclavicular fossa

Primary multilocular hydatid cyst of neck-a rare case reportPrimary multilocular hydatid cyst of neck-a rare case report
A high index of suspicion is required to diagnose hydatid cyst in rare locations like this. Hydatid cyst should be considered in differential diagnosis of benign swellings of head and neck region. Supraclavicular fossa
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[The patient is in respiratory distress[The patient is in respiratory distress
There is retraction of the supraclavicular fossa. Supraclavicular fossa
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Indications for Trauma Damage Control Interventions Content Analysis CodebookIndications for Trauma Damage Control Interventions Content Analysis Codebook
Derek J. Roberts, md1,2,3,4; Niklas Bobrovitz, msc5; David A. Zygun, md, msc2,6; Chad G. Ball, md, msc1,4,7Andrew W. Kirkpatrick, md, mhsc1,4; Peter D. Faris, PhD8; and Henry T. Stelfox, md, PhD2,3,9. Supraclavicular fossa
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Grand valley state universityGrand valley state university
Erythematous patches were present on both forearms and legs. She had already started uv therapy and had seen improvement on most of her lesions. She presented to radiation oncology to discuss having radiation treatment. Supraclavicular fossa
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Physical examination of the chestPhysical examination of the chest
Chest wall is composed of sternum, ribs, and vertebras. The anterior part is a little shorter than the posterior part. Chest examination includes many components: chest shape, chest wall, breasts, vessels, mediastinum, bronchus, lung, pleura. Supraclavicular fossa
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Exclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
Pregnant or in puerperium period women, or patients unwilling to follow adequate contraceptive methods during the treatment period. Supraclavicular fossa
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Congestive Heart Failure and Lymphedema Extra comments in italicsCongestive Heart Failure and Lymphedema Extra comments in italics
Hf does not equal cardiomyopathy. Hf is characterized by certain signs (fluid retention) and symptoms (dyspnea and fatigue). There is no diagnostic test b/c is a clinical disease based on a careful history and physical. Supraclavicular fossa
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Cervical and thoracic spinal assessmentCervical and thoracic spinal assessment
If significant physical finding indicates possible nerve involvement, immobilization and immediate transportation to the nearest medical facility are warranted, regardless of whether a total assessment is complete. Supraclavicular fossa
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Phrenic neuropathy due to neuralgic amyotrophy Neurology/2005/126375Phrenic neuropathy due to neuralgic amyotrophy Neurology/2005/126375
All edx examinations were performed on Teca Advantage or xltek xcalibur machines. Supraclavicular fossa
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Peggers’ Super Summary of Brachial Plexus and Nerve Injuries AnatomyPeggers’ Super Summary of Brachial Plexus and Nerve Injuries Anatomy
Tingling within 15mins, loss of pain after 30mins and weakness after 45 mins. Full recovery seconds to minutes. Supraclavicular fossa
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Ah 323 Cervical Spine Injuries LaboratoryAh 323 Cervical Spine Injuries Laboratory
Usually involve C5-6, may include posterior fxs, spinal cord or nerve root damage. Supraclavicular fossa
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