Human head and neck Stylohyoid ligament

CN10 lesion → see p. A75 (2) >> Supranuclear syndromesCN10 lesion → see p. A75 (2) >> Supranuclear syndromes
N. B. Cn9 abnormalities may be clinically undetectable unless adjacent structures are also involved!. Stylohyoid ligament
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Scal p cranial fossae!Scal p cranial fossae!
Csf! Please label the following, and trace the path of csf through the ventricular system and then the path of fluid in the venous system. Stylohyoid ligament
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Head and NeckHead and Neck
Mesenchyme of the head region is derived from paraxial and lateral plate mesoderm, and neural crest. Thickened regions of ectoderm are known as ectodermal placodes. Stylohyoid ligament
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