Human head and neck Sclera

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Carolina Mammal Eye Dissection Guide ProcedureCarolina Mammal Eye Dissection Guide Procedure
Review the glossary provided at the end of this dissection guide. Refer to the diagram of the eye as a general. Sclera
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1. Building blocks collagen (pp. 325-333)1. Building blocks collagen (pp. 325-333)
Collagen is made up of 3 single strands of alpha and/or beta chains to form a triple helix. Sclera
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Sheep’s eye dissection Dissecting a Sheep’s EyeSheep’s eye dissection Dissecting a Sheep’s Eye
One way to figure out how something works is to look inside it. To learn about how your eyes work, you can dissect, or take apart, a sheep’s eye. Sclera
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Ocular Anatomy Lab: the Fresh Bovine Eye!Ocular Anatomy Lab: the Fresh Bovine Eye!
Pre-Lab Assignment: In your journal, state the functions of the 14 mammalian eye structures listed in the “Teacher’s Notes” section of Neurobio Objective 2. Sclera
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