Human head and neck Pseudopupil

Bi190 Advanced Genetics NotesBi190 Advanced Genetics Notes
We recently coined these terms; others refer to them as biochemical or assembly pathways, or as regulatory or information processing pathways, respectively. Pseudopupil
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Genome-wide screen for modifiers of Ataxin-3 neurodegeneration in DrosophilaGenome-wide screen for modifiers of Ataxin-3 neurodegeneration in Drosophila
And 18S human ribosomal rna specific primers (Applied Biosystems, Cat # 4308329). Expression levels were normalized using the 18s expression level in each sample, then relative levels of sca3 expression determined. Pseudopupil
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Methods drosophila strains and crossesMethods drosophila strains and crosses
Single G0 flies were separately crossed with the balancer stock wr135 (w1118; CyO / Sp; tm2 / mkrs) and transgenic flies were selected in F1 according to their eye color. Pseudopupil
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