Human head and neck Nasal emission

Review of the patient’s chartReview of the patient’s chart
This information pertains to the activities the patient is involved in and the participation limitations experienced as a result of the patient’s impairments. In addition. Nasal emission
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See-Scape KitSee-Scape Kit
Note: The nasal tip and flexible tubing are to be used once and then disposed of. Two sets are included with the See-Scape. A package of six additional sets of nasal tips and flexible tubes are available. Nasal emission
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Oral mechanism evaluation formOral mechanism evaluation form
Mixed (some in labioversion, some in linguaversion) but all upper and lower teeth contact; all upper incisors lingual to lower incisors but in contact not in contact. Nasal emission
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Identification informationIdentification information
Date parent contacted Parent comment/reaction. Nasal emission
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Elementary-level speech-language screening formElementary-level speech-language screening form
Dob age sex race grade. Nasal emission
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Cleft Palate Speech EvaluationCleft Palate Speech Evaluation
Nasal emission
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Voice diagnostic evaluation reportVoice diagnostic evaluation report
Oral, lingual, velar, and pharyngeal structures were assessed at rest, during movement, and sustained movement for symmetry, strength, coordination, accuracy, and precision. Nasal emission
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Mobile source air toxicsMobile source air toxics
Blue text should be “filled in” and converted to black text; red text should be deleted. Nasal emission
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Do Pierre Robin Sequence Patients Have Worse Outcomes In Cleft Palate Surgery?Do Pierre Robin Sequence Patients Have Worse Outcomes In Cleft Palate Surgery?
Previous studies report mixed results on rates of post-operative vpi after cleft palate repair in this population, in both syndromic and nonsyndromic patients. Nasal emission
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