Human head and neck Episcleral layer

Histology 2016-2017 Department of Anatomy &HistologyHistology 2016-2017 Department of Anatomy &Histology
Information about the external environment is conveyed to the central nervous system through sense organs (general and special). General sense organs concerned with pain, temperature, touch and pressure are situated in the skin. Episcleral layer
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Histology of the EyeHistology of the Eye
Composed of fibroblasts, collagen, myelinated and unmyelinated nerves, smooth muscle fibers, melanocytes and blood vessels. Episcleral layer
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Stsm scientific ReportStsm scientific Report
An atomic force spectroscopy bio-mechanical characterization of the sclera (the white part of the eye) to develop an afm- based tool for ophthalmic diagnosis. Episcleral layer
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Glaucoma Eye70 GlaucomaGlaucoma Eye70 Glaucoma
Primary (conventional, trabecular) outflow system (83-96% aqueous outflow) is located in anterior chamber angle: trabecular meshwork → canal of Schlemm → intrascleral channels → episcleral and conjunctival veins. Episcleral layer
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Dr. Adnan Shallal Anatomy: Ciliary bodyDr. Adnan Shallal Anatomy: Ciliary body
The ciliary body is lined by a double layer of epithelial cells. The inner nonpigmented epith which is the main part secreting aqueous and the outer pigmented epithelium. Episcleral layer
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Alan g. Kabat, od, faao memphis, tnAlan g. Kabat, od, faao memphis, tn
Course Description: Case presentations provide a springboard for in-depth discussion of several challenging anterior segment conditions. Emphasis is placed on understanding the presentation. Episcleral layer
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Mmps in the neuroretina and optic nerve: modulators of glaucoma pathogenesis and repair?Mmps in the neuroretina and optic nerve: modulators of glaucoma pathogenesis and repair?
Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2014 Mar 28;55(3): 1953-64. doi: 10. 1167/iovs. 13-13630. Episcleral layer
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