Human head and neck Cauliflower ear

Facial Anatomy & InjuriesFacial Anatomy & Injuries
Made up of chambers that are filled with. Cauliflower ear
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Cauliflower Ear What is cauliflower ear?Cauliflower Ear What is cauliflower ear?
Cauliflower ear is a permanent change in the shape (deformity) of the outer ear. It is caused by injury. Cauliflower ear
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Word count: 1659 (Before Edit), 1657 (after) Auricular HematomaWord count: 1659 (Before Edit), 1657 (after) Auricular Hematoma
Swelling usually occurs between the skin and cartilage of the pinna, leading to a cosmetic deformity (Figure 1). If left untreated, the accumulated fluid is gradually replaced by scar tissue, and a permanent deformity can result. Cauliflower ear
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Industrial Hygiene Ears Study Questions Vocabulary TermsIndustrial Hygiene Ears Study Questions Vocabulary Terms
Describe the anatomical structure of the external ear and describe the role each part plays. Cauliflower ear
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What to Watch ForWhat to Watch For
The exact cause is poorly understood but any condition that leads to head shaking or ear scratching such as bacterial ear infection or ear mites may be responsible. Cauliflower ear
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