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Music categoryMusic category
Music judge is responsible for adjudicating the musical elements in the performance. He judges the extent to which the musical performance displays the hallmarks of the barbershop style and the degree to which the musical performance demonstrates an artistic. Barbershop music
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Song as Story: Effective Storytelling, Compliments of the Music CategorySong as Story: Effective Storytelling, Compliments of the Music Category
The primary purpose of every performance is to connect with the audience, to move that audience in some way through the stories we present. The Music category is the sturdy framework that allows this magical communication to occur. Barbershop music
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Carpe Diem Chorus Who are we?Carpe Diem Chorus Who are we?
Carpe Diem is a competitive performing four-part a cappella vocal group comprised of women who share a high level of musicality, focus. Barbershop music
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Part 3: Learning About a GenrePart 3: Learning About a Genre
Barbershop Music. I have always been curious about this genre of music, and when I listen to any of their music, I love their enthusiasm and that time period in music. By the end of the project I will understand the music, the dancing. Barbershop music
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Business Plan: The Six BarbershopBusiness Plan: The Six Barbershop
The Six is the premier location for the contemporary male sports fan looking for ultimate in haircare experience. Barbershop music
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Start ClassStart Class
A session that shows that warmups can be more than a few minutes of dancing and that combine visual and vocal and characterization which in turn aids vocal production. Barbershop music
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Long-form BiographyLong-form Biography
What do you get when you combine four friends, each with a love of singing, a thirst for learning, a large capacity for laughter, and a little bit of quirk? You get Lustre, the 2018 Sweet Adelines International Quartet Champions!. Barbershop music
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Speed of Sound Quartet BioSpeed of Sound Quartet Bio
Sweet Adeline world. In the spring of 2012, they won their very first regional contest. In their first International appearance they placed 12th in Denver followed by 9th place in Hawaii. In 2014 they came in 2nd in the world in Baltimore. Barbershop music
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The historical roots of barbershop harmonyThe historical roots of barbershop harmony
The oldest reference to barbershop harmony dates to 1900 and it refers to African-American singers. Barbershop music
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Introduction to Barbershop Harmony historyIntroduction to Barbershop Harmony history
The popular songs of that era were written to be sung by the common person, rather than the experienced musician. Barbershop melody lines were simple, and lyrics were “down to earth” and easy to understand and appreciate. Barbershop music
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Teaching quartets for youth music festivalTeaching quartets for youth music festival
Saturday, September 26, 2015; 12 noon to 9: 00 p m at Kansas State University, McCain and All Faiths Chapel. Barbershop music
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