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Europe: Confronting an Uncertain FutureEurope: Confronting an Uncertain Future
Eurozone. We hope that each state is able to come to constructive agreements pertaining to their necessities. Most importantly, we encourage each delegation. Vasilis Papageorgopoulos
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Balkan cities network balcinetBalkan cities network balcinet
Th international meeting of friendship and co-operation of the mayors of the major balkan cities. Vasilis Papageorgopoulos
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Tirana Declaration \" Even closer to our citizens\"Tirana Declaration " Even closer to our citizens"
We, the Mayors of major Balkan Cities, met in Tirana, the presiding city for the year 2010, at the 11th balcinet mayors’ Summit, in order to start a new creative cycle of development for Inter-Balkan inter-municipal cooperation. Vasilis Papageorgopoulos
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Memo/08/634 Bruxelles, le 17 octobre 2008 calendrier du 20 octobre au 26 octobre 2008Memo/08/634 Bruxelles, le 17 octobre 2008 calendrier du 20 octobre au 26 octobre 2008
Mr Ján figel' attends the discussion de sarnez erasmus Mundus programme for 2009-2013 (20-21, ep). Vasilis Papageorgopoulos
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News ReportNews Report
Harilaos Pettas, Alexandra Gallou, Georgia Koutsioumba, Marianthi Baltopoulou, Eleftheria Bandi, Nikoleta Theodorou, Eleni Karastergiou, Angeliki Naka, Haralambos Koutsiombas, Lydia Lazaropoulou, Irene Papazafiri, Chrysa Plevra, Georgia. Vasilis Papageorgopoulos
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