Dentistry Tooth regeneration

Type of manuscript: Systemic review titleType of manuscript: Systemic review title
Number of Pages: 18; Number of figures: 2; Word Count: Abstract-221, Full text- 2328. Tooth regeneration
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Ramesh babu. Mutthineni, arpita ramisetti, ramanarayana boyapati, guru ram tej kukkunuruRamesh babu. Mutthineni, arpita ramisetti, ramanarayana boyapati, guru ram tej kukkunuru
Hemisection- a conservative approach for preservation of tooth a case report of three cases. Tooth regeneration
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Gabby Thomas writ340 AubertinGabby Thomas writ340 Aubertin
Still, the purpose of restorative procedures remains the same, to act as a substitute that compensates for tooth structure lost through decay or trauma. Tooth regeneration
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You have stem cells in your mouth!You have stem cells in your mouth!
That's right, your mouth is filled with stem cells. In fact, you have stem cells throughout the tissues and organs found throughout your whole body. Tooth regeneration
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Areas of Research InterestAreas of Research Interest
Pamela Crotty Yelick, Ph. D., is a Professor, at Tufts University, Boston ma, where she is the Director of the Division of Craniofacial and Molecular Genetics in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology. Tooth regeneration
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