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Activity: Make a model of your teethActivity: Make a model of your teeth
Teeth are an important part of the digestion process because they break down food before sending it to the stomach. Because of their importance, you need to take care of your teeth to have good health. Teeth
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Tooth Whitening Procedure / poladayTooth Whitening Procedure / poladay
Following your recent dental examination and the taking of impressions, you are now ready, using the enclosed ‘trays’ and poladay gel, to begin the process of professionally whitening your teeth at home. Teeth
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Home Teeth WhiteningHome Teeth Whitening
Tooth Whitening will only whiten natural teeth. Amount of whitening varies from person to person, and there are no guarantees to the degree of tooth whitening. Teeth
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Informed Consent FormInformed Consent Form
Boutique Whitening. Your dentist has informed you that your teeth are discoloured and may possibly be successfully treated by whitening (also known as “bleaching”) your teeth. Teeth
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How to brush your teethHow to brush your teeth
The British Dental Health Foundation gives the following advice on how to brush your teeth. Teeth
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Periradicular Tests (Percussion and Palpation) Categories for PercussionPeriradicular Tests (Percussion and Palpation) Categories for Percussion
None : Tapping on the incisal edge of a tooth with the tip of the fingernail or with the end of a mirror causes no discomfort at all. The patient is likely to not respond at all. Teeth
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Malocclusion in the Laboratory MouseMalocclusion in the Laboratory Mouse
Malocclusion is a common disorder of many strains of laboratory mice and is readily diagnosed by an oral examination. Malocclusion occurs in mice when the incisors overgrow because the mandibular and maxillary teeth are not normally aligned and do not properly. Teeth
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Engaging Medical Clinicians in Oral Health fluoride varnish frequently asked questions who can provide this service?Engaging Medical Clinicians in Oral Health fluoride varnish frequently asked questions who can provide this service?
Aprn and have taken the approved training. Other properly trained medical staff such rns or lpns may provide the fluoride varnish under the supervision of a physician. In Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Teeth
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Dental Health 0-6 monthsDental Health 0-6 months
Although baby teeth do fall out, cavities in those teeth are still a problem because they cause pain, and can cause problems with permanent (adult) teeth. Teeth
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Displaced teeth / avulsed teeth / broken teethDisplaced teeth / avulsed teeth / broken teeth
Use of ibuprofen or other nsaid is not recommended for dental pain relief in patients with kidney disease unless in consultation with the patients mo. Teeth
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