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Napoleon Bonaparte BiographyNapoleon Bonaparte Biography
Napoleon Bonaparte, (French: Napoléon Bonaparte; 15 August 1769 – 5 May 1821) later known as Emperor Napoleon I, was a French military and political leader who is considered one of the most influential figures in European history. Sten Forshufvud
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The Death Packet Around 90 tossupsThe Death Packet Around 90 tossups
Seldom Seen” Smith, the young Bonnie Abbzug, and the former Vietnam veteran George Hayduke. Dedicated to destroying the Glen Canyon Dam, the title group’s actions inspired real life groups like Earth First!. Sten Forshufvud
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Life of NapoleonLife of Napoleon
The events of his life fired the imaginations of great writers, film makers, and playwrights whose works have done much to create the Napoleonic legend. "The most dangerous moment comes with victory." Napoleon Bonaparte. Sten Forshufvud
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Sams seminar 7 Compiled by ChuckSams seminar 7 Compiled by Chuck
This is a conglomeration of all of Seminar The books sections have information provided by last years class too. Some books were not read by Seminar 7. Sten Forshufvud
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