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Area Agency on AgingArea Agency on Aging
Care giver support group Meetings 3rd Thursday of each month at 10: 30 a m. Congregate meals, please call for reservations by 9: 30 a m. Strong Bones/Strong People Tuesdays 5: 00 p m. Small Smiles Dental Centers
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1st Presbyterian Church1st Presbyterian Church
Assistance with pregnancy test, baby and maternity clothes, equipment, food, formula, diapers. Classes on pregnancy and parenting for moms and dads. Small Smiles Dental Centers
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Emergency telephone numbers to Be PostedEmergency telephone numbers to Be Posted
Small Smiles Dental Centers
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Guide to children’s dental healthGuide to children’s dental health
Regular care by a dental professional, getting enough fluoride, and eating right are all steps to good dental health. By following these steps and teaching them to your children. Small Smiles Dental Centers
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Post Graduate Training 2013-2014 va hudson Valley Hospital Montrose Dental ClinicPost Graduate Training 2013-2014 va hudson Valley Hospital Montrose Dental Clinic
Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity Member: Volunteer at Charlottesville Free Dental Clinic, commercial lab trips, fundraisers. Small Smiles Dental Centers
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First SmilesFirst Smiles
Caring for you own mouth and teeth before your baby is born is important even to your unborn baby. Dental problems can have an effect on your pregnancy. Untreated tooth and gum problems can be painful. Small Smiles Dental Centers
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