Dentistry Siniša Varga

The Legal Regulation of Integrated Circuit TopographyThe Legal Regulation of Integrated Circuit Topography
New ones were necessary. Although imperfect and of specific nature they provide decent motivation basis for further research and practical application of innovation in this area of information technology. Siniša Varga
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Foreword editor of special issueForeword editor of special issue
Intellectual property represents a eld of law that has its nger on the pulse of time and. Siniša Varga
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Latest activitiesLatest activities
As part of the 10th Conference of the parliament speakers of the Adriatic Ionian Initiative member states, Slovenian National Assembly President Gregor Virant met with Prof. Dr Slavica Djukic Dejanovic at the National Assembly. Siniša Varga
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Stories from local pressStories from local press
The Brussels agreement also stipulated the holding of local elections, establishment of the Serb regional police commander, reaching agreement on electricity and telecommunications and these obligations can be considered as completed. Siniša Varga
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Table 3 Teacher competenciesTable 3 Teacher competencies
Significant papers in accordance with additional standard requirements for given field. Siniša Varga
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Study programmeStudy programme
Acquiring knowledge about human body that will be a basis for exploring histological built and form, as well as the possibility of practical application of the acquired knowledge from anatomy for better understanding of morphological structures of head and neck as. Siniša Varga
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Table 5 MentorTable 5 Mentor
Properties of milk and meat transgenic rabbits for the production of recombinant proteins. Siniša Varga
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Curriculum vitae personal danaCurriculum vitae personal dana
Member of management board and lecturer at the postgraduate study "Leadership and Management of Health Services", School of Public Health "Andrija Štampar". Siniša Varga
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I ecpd regional conferenceI ecpd regional conference
Prof. Dr Rusmir Mesihović, Minister of Health of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Siniša Varga
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New technologies used in person oriented medicineNew technologies used in person oriented medicine
In the beginning was the Word“ – in the past the communication in all parts of human society was based on the words it implied communication "face to face" or by messenger, the people who convey information. Siniša Varga
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The 3rd international invest forum \"We offer opportunities\" November 6th-7th, 2014 Opatija, Milenij Grand Hotel \"4 opatijska cvijeta\"The 3rd international invest forum "We offer opportunities" November 6th-7th, 2014 Opatija, Milenij Grand Hotel "4 opatijska cvijeta"
Visit to the Port of Rijeka Authority (presentation of the Rijeka gateway project and Delta project). Siniša Varga
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New developments in quality and care: every day applicationsNew developments in quality and care: every day applications
Programme Committee: David Somekh; Marius Buiting; Basia Kutryba; Noel Harrington. Siniša Varga
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Evropski centarEvropski centar
Transfer of Knowledge System, in cooperation with the ministries of health of Serbia, Montenegro, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Eastern Europe Health Network. Siniša Varga
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Main results of the Council Employment and Social PolicyMain results of the Council Employment and Social Policy
The Council held a policy debate on the European Semester 2014 in the field of employment and social policy and approved the employment and social policy aspects of the country-specific recommendations. Siniša Varga
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