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Frequently Asked Questions Why does it seem so expensive?Frequently Asked Questions Why does it seem so expensive?
So a general anesthetic is necessary to be able to scale/polish/probe/curette the teeth properly. In order to administer anesthesia safely, we have to utilize proper monitoring equipment, trained staff, anesthetic machines, fluid pumps. Periodontal curette
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Principles of scaling and root planning ScalingPrinciples of scaling and root planning Scaling
Scaling: the process by which the biofilm and calculus are removed from both the supra gingival and sub gingival tooth surfaces and no deliberate attempt is made to remove tooth substance along with the calculus. Periodontal curette
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Examination InstrumentsExamination Instruments
Periodontal curette
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Clinical evaluation in periodontitis patient after curettageClinical evaluation in periodontitis patient after curettage
Periodontal curette
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Basic periodontal therapyBasic periodontal therapy
These include a thorough dental prophylaxis, periodontal surgery, homecare, and extraction. There are numerous variations and treatment options for therapy. This lecture will cover the basics and touch on the available options. Periodontal curette
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Fixlite protocols FixLiteFixlite protocols FixLite
FixLite – is a laser made specifically to work with the peroxide+silver solution to allow the full bactericidal action of active single Oxide and Silver particles. Periodontal curette
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Jcm01532-12- revised- unmarkedJcm01532-12- revised- unmarked
Enrichment of Multilocus Sequence Typing Clade 1 with Oral Candida albicans Isolates in Patients With Untreated Periodontitis. Periodontal curette
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