Dentistry Parts of tooth

Functions (Jobs) of the teethFunctions (Jobs) of the teeth
Teeth chew food into smaller pieces so it makes it easier for you to swallow. Teeth also help you to talk!. Parts of tooth
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Since 2010, the Chicago Community Oral Health ForumSince 2010, the Chicago Community Oral Health Forum
Cps. The local reach of program has been tremendous. The Wrigley Company Foundation and ccohf would like to share in the success with other mid-sized cities with significant need for oral health education and promotion programming in a public school setting. Parts of tooth
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Material Options Available For Tooth RestorationsMaterial Options Available For Tooth Restorations
Plastics and Ceramics have not been shown to produce any adverse biological responses. The following is offered for your consideration when making decisions about the type of restorations you prefer to be placed in your mouth. Parts of tooth
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I. parts of a toothI. parts of a tooth
They grind food during chewing. In the top jaw they have 3 roots and in the lower jaw they have 2 roots. Adults have 12 such teeth. Parts of tooth
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Split tooth q what is a cracked tooth?Split tooth q what is a cracked tooth?
Sometimes it goes below the gum line and into the root. A cracked tooth is not split into two parts but the soft, inner tissue of the tooth is usually damaged. Parts of tooth
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Onlay crownsOnlay crowns
An onlay crown is an ideal way to restore a decayed or broken down tooth. The special shape of an onlay crown protects the tooth from further damage whilst leaving healthy un-weakened parts of the tooth intact. Parts of tooth
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Description of human dentition. Definition and main parts of the toothDescription of human dentition. Definition and main parts of the tooth
Phases of the tooth eruption. Developmental dates of deciduous and permanent teeth. Parts of tooth
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