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We Want You to Know (About Informed Consent)We Want You to Know (About Informed Consent)
For the Orthodontic Treatment of Patient. Orthodontic headgear
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Longitudinal changes in microbiology and clinical periodontal parameters after removal of fixed orthodontic appliancesLongitudinal changes in microbiology and clinical periodontal parameters after removal of fixed orthodontic appliances
Uences plaque growth and maturation (Lee et al., 2005; Gomes et al., 2007; van Gastel et al., 2008). Significant differences in biofilm formation and periodontal reaction between different bracket types and between bonded teeth compared with control teeth have. Orthodontic headgear
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Care of your orthodontic appliancesCare of your orthodontic appliances
Thereafter, you will be charged an additional fee of $50 for the replacement/rebonding of each bracket and $55 for the replacement/recementing of each band. We have decided to enforce this policy strictly so our patients take better care of. Orthodontic headgear
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Advanced orthodonticsAdvanced orthodontics
Your headgear is a very important part of your treatment. We realize that the headgear appliance is cumbersome and not exactly attractive, but you have been asked to use it so we can obtain the best possible results for your smile. Orthodontic headgear
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Explanation of Office Policy and Procedure for Patients and Parents Treatment Time EstimatesExplanation of Office Policy and Procedure for Patients and Parents Treatment Time Estimates
At your treatment conference, the orthodontist will present an estimate of active treatment time as part of the discussion. This is always just an estimate. Orthodontic headgear
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Patient Cooperation ContractPatient Cooperation Contract
I understand that my cooperation efforts are just as important as the efforts of Dr. Ross and his staff. Dr. Ross will provide the treatment plan. Orthodontic headgear
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You and your orthodontic treatmentYou and your orthodontic treatment
There are different types of appliances used by your orthodontist to treat your malocclusion. Orthodontic headgear
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Braces for youBraces for you
Headgear wear is an essential part of your orthodontic treatment. It is very important that you follow these instructions carefully, and if you experience any problems with wearing your headgear. Orthodontic headgear
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Headgear InstructionsHeadgear Instructions
Always bring it with you to each appointment. It is frequently forgotten when you come directly from school to your appointment because you usually do not wear it at school. Orthodontic headgear
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Bos clinical effectiveness committee national survey of audit activityBos clinical effectiveness committee national survey of audit activity
Form 2b during the period 2005. This should provide a useful reference for planning future audits and for bos members to be aware of audit activity nationally. Each regional coordinator will doubtless be pleased to provide more details of individual audits. Orthodontic headgear
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Informed Consent FormInformed Consent Form
Efits of a pleasing smile and healthy teeth are widely appreciated, orthodontic treatment remains an elective procedure. It, Like any other treatment of the body, has inherent risks and limitations. Orthodontic headgear
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Astoria family orthodonticsAstoria family orthodontics
Successful orthodontic treatment is a partnership between the orthodontist and the patient. The doctor and staff are dedicated to achieving the best possible result for each patient. As a general rule. Orthodontic headgear
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