Dentistry Oral melanosis

Medical Journal of Babylon-Vol. 12- no. 1 -2015Medical Journal of Babylon-Vol. 12- no. 1 -2015
Relationship between Passive Smoking and Oral Mucosal Pigmentations Among Children in Iraqi (Hilla) City Samples. Oral melanosis
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Quick DiagnosisQuick Diagnosis
An-Wen Chan, md, dphil, frcpc, Division of Dermatology, Women’s College Hospital, University of Toronto. Oral melanosis
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Clinico-epidemiological study of facial hypermelanoses introductionClinico-epidemiological study of facial hypermelanoses introduction
The majority of the world's population is brown-skinned, and an enormous amount of interest worldwide is focused on restoring hyperpigmented skin to its natural color by skin care specialists. Oral melanosis
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Diseases of oral cavityDiseases of oral cavity
They arise mainly as a consequence of caries leading to pulpitis then pariepical infection. Oral melanosis
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