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Industry Feedback Alert: Oral Health and Dental HygieneIndustry Feedback Alert: Oral Health and Dental Hygiene
Industry alerts outline an issue we have identified through an analysis of our complaints data and other sources. They provide suggestions of areas that aged care providers may wish to review within their service. Alerts are not directions. Oral hygiene
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Table of Contents Oral health audit tables IntroductionTable of Contents Oral health audit tables Introduction
Purpose: This tool provides suggestions about areas that homes can use to develop their own auditing protocols. Homes can use the audit tables that are provided. Oral hygiene
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Oral hygiene for denture patientsOral hygiene for denture patients
Cleanliness of dentures is important for the patient’s comfort and health. Dirty dentures can cause sore mouths and denture breath. Food, stain and calculus (tartar) collect on dentures (false teeth) the same as they do on natural teeth. Oral hygiene
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Name Marital Status. Oral hygiene
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Welsh health circularWelsh health circular
Enclosure(s): Appendix Improving Oral Health for Older People Living in Care Homes. Oral hygiene
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Course Submissions: Guidance for course providers and awarding bodiesCourse Submissions: Guidance for course providers and awarding bodies
Module name(s) and the topic(s) within the module which cover this gdc learning outcome, in which year(s) of the programme. Oral hygiene
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Oral hygieneOral hygiene
Assessment includes the physical exam, consideration of developmental changes, assessment of hygiene preferences and practices, and assessment of risk factors for oral problems. Oral hygiene
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Oral HygieneOral Hygiene
Frequent and proper brushing and flossing along with your regular professional dental cleaning will help reduce and remove plaque which is a contributing factor of tooth decay and gum disease. Oral hygiene
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Original scientific paperOriginal scientific paper
Oral Hygiene and Gingival Health in Patients with Fixed Prosthodontic Appliances – a 12-Month Follow-up. Oral hygiene
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