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Consent to perform dentistryConsent to perform dentistry
I hereby authorize and direct the dentist and employees of Amazing Smiles Dental to perform the following dental treatment or oral surgery procedures, including the use of necessary or advisable local anesthesia radiographs (x-rays). My Dentist
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Dentist nomination formDentist nomination form
If you have any questions, or would prefer to call in your dentist nomination, please call. My Dentist
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General dentistry informed consentGeneral dentistry informed consent
Work to be done: I understand that I am having the following work done [Indicate all services being provided]: Fillings, Bridges, Crowns, x-rays, Extractions, Impacted teeth removal, Root Canals, Dentures, Other. My Dentist
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Special care dental serviceSpecial care dental service
All sections of this form must be fully completed to avoid unnecessary delays and incomplete forms will be returned. My Dentist
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Nhs complaints England I want to make a complaint about my nhs dentist – what should I do?Nhs complaints England I want to make a complaint about my nhs dentist – what should I do?
Try to talk to your dentist about your cause for concern and discuss the possibility of putting things right before you consider taking things further. My Dentist
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Zoom! WhiteningZoom! Whitening
I have the right to ask questions about any procedure before agreeing to undergo the procedure. My dentist has informed me that my teeth are discolored and could be treated by in-office whitening (also know as “bleaching”) of my teeth. My Dentist
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Dental exam requirements university of wisconsin-madison army rotcDental exam requirements university of wisconsin-madison army rotc
Para 2-55 requires dental films for casualty identification purposes for all participants in the rotc program who must use government-owned or government contracted transportation. My Dentist
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The Best Dentist “Absolutely” the Best DentistThe Best Dentist “Absolutely” the Best Dentist
My dentist is great! He sends me reminders so I don't forget checkups. He uses the latest techniques based on research. He never hurts me, and I've got all my teeth, so when I ran into him the other day. My Dentist
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Patients’ rights. Q should the dentist offer me an estimate?Patients’ rights. Q should the dentist offer me an estimate?
A nhs dentists must give you a written estimate for any extensive course of treatment, or whenever you ask for one. Private dentists are not covered by the same rules, but they should give you a written estimate if you ask. My Dentist
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Dental Sedation Referral FormDental Sedation Referral Form
Has the patient been refused treatment at any other Sedation clinic? Yes  No  If yes, give details. My Dentist
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“The Secret to“The Secret to
I wish you could see the look on their faces when they walk out of my office after their dental implant procedure. My Dentist
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A perfect Smile Patient Medical HistoryA perfect Smile Patient Medical History
Patient’s Full Name: dob. My Dentist
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