Dentistry Median rhomboid glossitis

Contributing Factors in the higher incidence ofContributing Factors in the higher incidence of
Candida albicans grow when the fungus has the opportunity, such as on the surface materials of dentures as it ages, poor oral hygiene, and systemic diseases. Median rhomboid glossitis
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Annexure- II proforma for registration of subjects for dissertationAnnexure- II proforma for registration of subjects for dissertation
A comparative study of oral health status between type 2 diabetics and non diabetic subjects. Median rhomboid glossitis
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Bangalore, karnataka. Annexure II proforma for registrationBangalore, karnataka. Annexure II proforma for registration
Median rhomboid glossitis and its possible association with candida in type2 diabetis mellitus patients : a case control study”. Median rhomboid glossitis
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Lingual thyroid noduleLingual thyroid nodule
Some fissures maybe very deep so food impaction will occur followed by inflammation and sharp burning sensation. Median rhomboid glossitis
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Acute types: Pseudomembranous Erythematous Chronic typesAcute types: Pseudomembranous Erythematous Chronic types
Median rhomboid glossitis
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Secondary Oral CandidiasisSecondary Oral Candidiasis
Median rhomboid glossitis
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Acute Pseudomembranous Erythematous ChronicAcute Pseudomembranous Erythematous Chronic
Erythematous Chronic Erythematous Pseudomembranous Hyperplastic Nodular Plaque-like Candida-associated lesions Angular cheilitis Denture stomatitis Median rhomboid glossitis Keratinized primary lesions superinfected with Candida Leukoplakia Lichen planus. Median rhomboid glossitis
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Review article effect of tobacco on oral-health an overviewReview article effect of tobacco on oral-health an overview
Professor and Head, Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology, Government Dental College and Research Institute, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Median rhomboid glossitis
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