Dentistry Horse teeth

Lesson Plan Equine Dentistry: Looking a Horse in the MouthLesson Plan Equine Dentistry: Looking a Horse in the Mouth
Internet access to play the video in real time or embed it in a PowerPoint ahead of time. Horse teeth
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Dentistry Our PhilosophyDentistry Our Philosophy
Our goal is to stay abreast of the most current research regarding proper techniques, and to maintain your horse on a regular dental maintenance schedule. Horse teeth
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Optimal Health ProgramOptimal Health Program
Both programs include a 10% discount on services upon full enrollment, with two payment options to choose from. The staff at Garner Equine can help you to determine which program and payment plan is right for you and your horse. Horse teeth
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Straight from the horse\Straight from the horse's mouth
Ry is more than just floating teeth. Floating—the term for rasping or filing the horse's teeth—ensures that the horse maintains an even, properly aligned bite plane. Horse teeth
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Equine Neuromuscular DentistryEquine Neuromuscular Dentistry
Horse teeth
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Equine dental careEquine dental care
Horses with dental problems may show obvious signs, such as pain or irritation, or they may show no noticeable signs at all. This is because some horses simply adapt to their discomfort. Horse teeth
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Dental Health: Animal Teeth TutorialDental Health: Animal Teeth Tutorial
Did you know veterinarians can tell a horse’s age just by looking at its teeth? This handout will tell you more about how veterinarians do this, and then you’ll get to practice this method yourself!. Horse teeth
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Floating a horse\Floating a horse's Teeth
At right: a file, called a "float," for smoothing the teeth of a horse. This float is in a bucket of disinfectant. Horse teeth
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Routine dental careRoutine dental care
Consequently they need regular check-ups to ensure that their teeth are wearing properly and not causing any problems. Well maintained teeth will also result in your horse going on and accepting the bit better. Horse teeth
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