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Argentina page of 10 The Dirty WarArgentina page of 10 The Dirty War
Montoneros (mpm), and the Marxist People's Revolutionary Army (erp).[6][7][8] The guerrillas on their part, were responsible for causing at least 6,000 casualties among the military. Héctor José Cámpora
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James gordon o’shea dominican RepublicJames gordon o’shea dominican Republic
Héctor José Cámpora
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I. Identifications Gabriel Garcia MarquezI. Identifications Gabriel Garcia Marquez
He pursued a self-directed education that resulted in his leaving law school for a career in journalism. From early on, he showed no inhibitions in his criticism of Colombian and foreign politics. In 1958, he married Mercedes Barcha. Héctor José Cámpora
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Español III el 8 de Octubre 2014 la metaEspañol III el 8 de Octubre 2014 la meta
Argentina has a long and colourful history. For those seeking a brief outline of Argentinean history this article runs you through the basics from pre-Independence up to modern day Argentina. Héctor José Cámpora
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Peron after 1955Peron after 1955
They also accused other Peronist leaders of corruption. Lonardi's replacement, Lieutenant-GeneralPedro Aramburu, outlawed the mere mention of Juan or Eva Perón's names under Decree Law 4161/56. Héctor José Cámpora
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Atq chronology 1912Atq chronology 1912
Coalition of military officers and civilian aristocrats overthrew President Yrigoyen and set up provisional regime. Héctor José Cámpora
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A bentley\A bentley's approach to public policy
Provisional President of the Senate (first in the line of suc­cession). Guido, following the military pressures (see Alain Rouquie, 1982) intervened all the Provinces. Héctor José Cámpora
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The civilian\The civilian's motivation: a bentley's approach to public policy
I have presented in the previous chapter a simple model of a military coup d'etat which takes that fact into account. Héctor José Cámpora
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Official Name: Argentine Republic profile geographyOfficial Name: Argentine Republic profile geography
Area: 8 million sq km. 1 million sq mi.; about the size of the U. S. east of the Mississippi River; second-largest country in South America. Héctor José Cámpora
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Backwater of Spanish Colonial EmpireBackwater of Spanish Colonial Empire
Rio de la Plata had no precious metals or indigenous labor force to take advantage of, although it did have some of the richest fertile land in the world. Héctor José Cámpora
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Americas: Latin America case study—Argentina 2012 Major ThemesAmericas: Latin America case study—Argentina 2012 Major Themes
Explain the historical conflict between Buenos Aires and the interior. What were the issues at stake? To what extent, and how, was the issue settled? How do “liberal” and “conservative” factions line up on the issue?. Héctor José Cámpora
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Fr Alejandro León, sdb 2014Fr Alejandro León, sdb 2014
To my father, Juan Carlos, who passed on his faith and confidence in Providence to me. To my mother, Reneé, who taught me to love Mary Help of Christians and Don Bosco and St Ignatius. Héctor José Cámpora
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