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Gingivitis DefinitionGingivitis Definition
These changes result when a layer of bacteria accumulates along the gum line and triggers the body’s inflammatory response. The pocketing or probing depths of tissues are less than or equal to 4mm with bleeding upon probing. Gums
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Periodontal DiseasePeriodontal Disease
It begins when the bacteria in plaque (the sticky, colorless film that constantly forms on your teeth) causes the gums to become inflamed. Gums
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Five Things You Can Do If Your Gums Are BleedingFive Things You Can Do If Your Gums Are Bleeding
You might notice some bleeding when you floss. Although the smallest amount of blood might not seem like a big deal, if your gums are bleeding consistently, you shouldn't ignore it. Gums
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Stop Bleeding GumsStop Bleeding Gums
With a few simple measures, it is easy to kill the germs that cause the bleeding and to prevent escalating disease. Take precautions at the first signs of gum disease and you can spare yourself literally thousands of dollars in dentist. Gums
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Diabetes What is diabetes?Diabetes What is diabetes?
This results in a lack of sugar in your body’s tissues and cells meaning less energy for your body to work or flight away any infections. If the sugar does not enter your cells. Gums
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When your gums are swollen, bleeding, inflamed or infected = GingivitisWhen your gums are swollen, bleeding, inflamed or infected = Gingivitis
A soft film of germs, food and saliva which forms everyday on and between your teeth. Gums
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Your mouth is a very busy placeYour mouth is a very busy place
Gum Disease. In its early stage, gums swell and bleed. Without daily and professional dental care, teeth fall out! The entire body can be affected by gum disease, which is often called gingivitis. Gums
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How Your Gums Affect Your HeartHow Your Gums Affect Your Heart
Scientists are increasingly observing a connection between oral health and heart conditions. Gums
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Caring for my teeth and gums q why are my teeth so important?Caring for my teeth and gums q why are my teeth so important?
Teeth help us to chew and digest food. They help us to talk, and to pronounce different sounds clearly. Finally, teeth help to give our face its shape. Gums
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Healthy teeth and gumsHealthy teeth and gums
It is becoming more widely recognised that poor dental health, particularly gum disease, can cause or make worse, other health issues such as. Gums
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Oral hygiene worksOral hygiene works
This information is supplied to help explain complicated topics and help you to understand more about your health. It is not designed to replace the advice of the dentist. If you are unsure about anything here ask your dentist or hygienist. Gums
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How Can Diabetes Affect Your Teeth & Gums?How Can Diabetes Affect Your Teeth & Gums?
Tooth and gum problems can happen to anyone. A sticky film full of germs. Gums
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