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Anterior Hyperfunction Syndrome (abbreviated as ahs)Anterior Hyperfunction Syndrome (abbreviated as ahs)
Today we will start a new subject anterior hyper function syndrome or combination syndrome the reason why it called combination because of the upper complete denture and lower partial denture. Epulis fissuratum
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White Lesions of the Oral CavityWhite Lesions of the Oral Cavity
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Preprosthetic Surgery A. Learning objectivesPreprosthetic Surgery A. Learning objectives
That participants understand the anatomical and physiological factors that impact on the comfortable and effective wearing of dentures. Epulis fissuratum
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Prosthodontic First Exam (3rd year) Student Name 18/ 1/ 2011Prosthodontic First Exam (3rd year) Student Name 18/ 1/ 2011
Which of the followings is the most favorable soft palate form (House's classification) for the success of the complete denture?. Epulis fissuratum
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3 Systemic diseases with oral manifestations Scleroderma3 Systemic diseases with oral manifestations Scleroderma
This injury is similar to scar tissue formation. The disease is more frequent in females than males. There are autoimmune diseases that can be associated with scleroderma such as Sjogren’s syndrome, systemic lupus erythmatosus, mysthenia. Epulis fissuratum
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