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Directions: Below are listed performance objectives for this rotationDirections: Below are listed performance objectives for this rotation
Name/Title of person reported to. Dental explorer
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Cooperative agreement for dental servicesCooperative agreement for dental services
Name of Head Start/Early Head Start Program. Dental explorer
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Indiana College and Career Pathway Plan – State ModelIndiana College and Career Pathway Plan – State Model
This is a sample plan for schools to use in planning. Course sequences and grade level in which courses are offered may vary according to local policies, practices and resources. Dental explorer
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Caries Diagnosis Caries balance: Caries DiagnosisCaries Diagnosis Caries balance: Caries Diagnosis
Caries diagnosis & ttt has traditionally been limited to the detection & restoration of cavitated lesions (Drill & Fill), it's a symptomatic ttt only without dealing with the real cause. Dental explorer
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Clinical dental hygieneClinical dental hygiene
Emphasis on post-treatment evaluation. Introduction to the technical skills and procedures used in the clinical practice of dental hygiene. Prerequisites: Dental Hygiene 71A. Dental explorer
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*Best Oral Health Education Lesson*Best Oral Health Education Lesson
This lesson is intended for presentations to pre-schools thru 2nd grade classes. Every class has responded overwhelmingly positively and the children were disappointed to end the lesson…a great way to keep their enthusiasm going. Dental explorer
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Instructions for Completing FormInstructions for Completing Form
Participant Group: This form is completed for all participants being screened for the motor study. Dental explorer
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From: Colton, Jan Sent: Friday, December 09, 2005 10: 38 am toFrom: Colton, Jan Sent: Friday, December 09, 2005 10: 38 am to
Pending notification from Dr. Grim's office on the status of the revamping of the series. Dental explorer
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