Dentistry Dental canaliculi

Secretory Functions of gi tractSecretory Functions of gi tract
Function in response to irritation and secrete mucus onto epithelial surface for lubrication. Dental canaliculi
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Physiology git كلية الطب المحاضرة الثالثة المرحلة الثانيةPhysiology git كلية الطب المحاضرة الثالثة المرحلة الثانية
Secretory cells are found in acinus. Each acinus is connected to the ductal system,acinus consists of a single layer of cuboidal epithelial cells surrounding a lumen. Dental canaliculi
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Dental pbl iii-facultyDental pbl iii-faculty
Lower than normal serum calcium; Lower than normal serum phosphorus; Elevated pth levels; Elevated alkaline phosphatase levels. Dental canaliculi
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27. 0 Gi: oral cavity, esophagus and salivary glands27. 0 Gi: oral cavity, esophagus and salivary glands
Parotid gland, Acinar cells, Myoepithelial cells (basket cells), Submandibular gland, Serous glands, Mucous glands, Mixed glands, Serous demilunes, Sublingual gland, Zygomatic gland, Molar gland, Compound tubuloacinar, Minor salivary glands. Dental canaliculi
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Ssb histology Lab III skeletal Tissues ssb week 3 ►►► note: Slide numbers may differSsb histology Lab III skeletal Tissues ssb week 3 ►►► note: Slide numbers may differ
Note: Slide numbers may differ from box to box. If you don't have the slide listed, ask your colleagues. Dental canaliculi
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Topographic anatomyTopographic anatomy
Topographic anatomy is an approach to anatomical study based on regions, parts, or divisions of the body (e g., the foot or the inguinal region), emphasizing the relationships of various systemic structures. Dental canaliculi
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Digestive SystemDigestive System
Oral Cavity Proper: space behind teeth before entrance to oropharynx & b/t hard/soft palate & mouth floor. Dental canaliculi
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Aipg 2005 (dental)Aipg 2005 (dental)
Reduced salivary flow following irradiation is dose dependent. At what dose does the flow reach essentially zero?. Dental canaliculi
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Osteology: osteocyteOsteology: osteocyte
Bone is a living, dynamic, adaptable tissue. It works with the muscular system for attachment, movement and a source of calcium and with the cardiovascular system as a site for blood cell production. Dental canaliculi
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Overview of digestive systemOverview of digestive system
Swallowing “voluntary” & reflex movement of food from mouth through the esophagus to the stomach. Dental canaliculi
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Chapter 25: Digestive SystemChapter 25: Digestive System
Be able to identify the organs of the digestive system and their associated structures on. Dental canaliculi
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