Dentistry Cementogenesis

Deemed universityDeemed university
Faculty : Dr. Meena Kulkarni, Dr. Neeta Bagul, Dr. Supriya Kheur, Dr. Sachin Sarode, Dr. Mamtha G. S. Dr. Gargi Sarode, Dr. Musarrat Khatri, Dr Aditi Mahalle, Dr. Devika Kanade. Cementogenesis
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Yu-Feng Zhang, Phd all Publications (链接)Yu-Feng Zhang, Phd all Publications (链接)
Yang, Jing-Wen; Zhang, Yu-Feng; Wan, Chun-Yan; Sun, Zhe-Yi; Nie, Shuai; Jian, Shu-Juan; Zhang, Lu; Song, Guang-Tai; Chen, Zhi, Autophagy in sdf-1alpha-mediated dpsc migration and pulp regeneration., Biomaterials, 44卷, pp 11-23, 2015/3. Cementogenesis
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Increased protein binding & Lipid solubilityIncreased protein binding & Lipid solubility
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Examination topics Oral Biology 3rd yearExamination topics Oral Biology 3rd year
The gingival crevice (development and structure). Gingival crevicular fluid (gcf). Cementogenesis
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Jordan University of Science and Technology Faculty of DentistryJordan University of Science and Technology Faculty of Dentistry
During each practical session, students examine the tissues covered in the corresponding lecture either under the microscope or by presenting the slides on data projector. Cementogenesis
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