Dentistry Botryoid odontogenic cyst

Case report: botryoid odontogenic cystCase report: botryoid odontogenic cyst
A follow up panoramic radiography was taken, which showed that the lesion maintained its size but there was root reapsortion on the endodontically treated teeth. Diagnostic hypothesis included Histopathological examination revealed a botryoid. Botryoid odontogenic cyst
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Oral pathologyOral pathology
Description: Buccal bifurcation cyst, partially erupted, developed distally or distobuccaly to the buccaly erupted tooth. Botryoid odontogenic cyst
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B somp annual Slide Seminar – Liverpool, 2005B somp annual Slide Seminar – Liverpool, 2005
Large b-cell lymphoma in a ble. (referring centre said patient had hiv and thought it was ble in an hiv+ve patient). Botryoid odontogenic cyst
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