California Society of Health-System Pharmacists-Sacramento Valley (cshp-sv) Board and Members Meeting—Open August 20

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California Society of Health-System Pharmacists-Sacramento Valley (CSHP-SV)

Board and Members Meeting—Open

August 20th, 2014

Seasons 52 @ Arden Fair Mall

1689 Arden Way, #1065

Sacramento, CA
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Lourdes Libre: President and Chair Justin Lewis: Secretary

Jeffrey Nehira: President Elect Stacy Knox: Treasurer

Tanya Shepard: Past President

Pierre Del Prato: Board of Directors Patty Montgomery: Board of Directors

  1. Call to Order: 6:05 pm

Present: Jeff Nehira, Pierre DelPrato, Josephine Quach, Stacy Knox, Patty Fong, Lourdes Libre, Tanya Shepard, Jason Bandy, Sarah Sherer, Joseph Gee, Chi Lai, Kelly Valine, Patty Montgomery, Justin Lewis, Ryan Stice, Jae Chang, Shauna Najera, Xin Fang, Tom Harper, Carol Schulz, Mark Banzon, Sylvia Banzon, Lily Valdez, Kathryn Garrison, Jill Henry, Seumsack Somtakoune.

    1. Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes -> pending quorum

    2. Exciting Raffle!  -> deferred

  1. Announcements/News


      1. Hawaiian Aloha Theme

      2. Embassy Suites on Thursday 9/18 @ 6pm

      3. Combo platter voted on for food selection

      4. Jeff has 2 Industry sponsors who have already paid, many pending

      5. Guests may attend for $50

      6. Donations/prizes for raffle needed before the event

    2. Update on Shirt Fundraiser

      1. Order Forms due to Stacy/Tanya TODAY! (latest 8/25)

      2. Donations support the chapter general fund

    3. Personal Donations for Mentorship Program – Updates?- Deferred

    4. Review Regional Chapter of Distinction Criteria and Application

      1. DUE: SATURDAY, 11/1/14

      2. Plan: Done by Wednesday, 10/15/14 or October Meeting

        1. Voluntary sign up to call members with lapsed memberships

        2. Attend Regional Delegates Meeting

        3. Formal Budget review

    5. Calendar of events 2014

        1. REGIONAL DELEGATES MEETING Saturday, 9/27/14 from 10am to 4pm @ CSHP Headquarters , 1314 H Street, Suite 200. Sacramento, CA 95814

        2. We get a total of six (6) as per Megan

          1. President, President-Elect, Immediate Past-President, Treasurer, Secretary

            1. Lourdes (YES), Jeff, Tanya, Stacy, Justin, Patty

          2. Board of Directors

Pierre as an alternate delegate

      1. REGISTER FOR SEMINAR Thursday, 10/30/14 through Sunday, 11/2/14 – Hilton, San Francisco

        1. Budget approved will reimburse delegates for a 1-day Seminar registration since House of Delegates is 1 day on Sunday, 11/2/14 @ 8-11am

          1. One day registration is possible

        2. October Sac Valley meeting will be after Regional Delegate Meeting but before Seminar to discuss relevant topics for HOD.

      2. CSHP Award Deadlines

        1. November 1st, 2014

          1. Chapter of Distinction

      3. Upcoming CE and Educational Dinners

        1. October HIV - date and place TBD

        2. November BOP - date and place TBD

          1. Possibility of using grant funds from UOP.

        3. Patty offers invitation to the Dignity Health Sacramento Hospitals Resident’s CE presentations – details TBD

  1. Old Business

    1. Update and exchange leadership succession binders

    2. Drop Box – Give Justin your updated physical binder or send him electronic copies and he will make all succession binders into one electronic “cloud-based” set of documents for ease of tracking and transitioning to new cabinet.

  1. New Business/Strategic Planning/Activities 2014

  1. Committee Chair/Co-Chair & Subcommittee Reports/Update

    1. President

    2. Past President

      1. Website is up and running on the CSHP site! 

        1. Please make additions as needed

        2. Need new pics of all the officers with short BIOGRAPHY!

        3. Spice up calendar w/ upcoming board meetings, CEs, events, etc.

        4. On the affiliate chapter page before you click onto Sac Valley, there is a form to submit to Rebecca w/ any website changes and updates  very simple to use! 

        5. To access form, go to website, click on CSHP-Affiliate Chapters, Select Sac-Valley. Select Website update form

        6. Tanya offered to be the liason for website updates, can send the form to either or

      1. Still awaiting Marshal about % to contribute for residency symposium from May  we did approve $250 – pending Marshall

      2. Discussion of year’s events/dinners and responsible persons

    1. President Elect – Nominations process to be chaired by Jeff

    2. Board Members

    3. Treasurer

      1. Outreached to Cynthia Tan, CVSHP Treasurer, to perform a mutual accounting books audit

    4. Secretary – Next newsletter planned for after Seminar. Justin will send out request for contributions.

    5. CE Committee

    6. Membership Committee – guest fee of Membership Night ($50) to be applied towards total cost of membership should a non-member join at membership night.

    7. Social Media

    8. Industry/Advocacy

    9. Government Affairs

      1. Title 16 discussion panel requesting comments

      2. USP 800 Hazardous Drugs Handling Practices has a draft on their website to view

    1. Website

    2. Technicians – Lilly Valdez – Saturday at Seminar CPTA – CSHP will have a lunch meeting

    3. Student Chapter Representatives

      1. University of the Pacific – looking for representatives

      2. University of California, San Francisco – Shawn Lester not present

      3. California Northstate University College of Pharmacy – Seumsack Somtakoune

    4. Leadership Breakfast – Planning with Al Schaad from BOP, $500 budget, Date and venue being planned

      1. Glaxo and Novo have been sponsors in the past – Jeff will send Justin contact info for request of funds.

      2. Mercy General also has a nice space for this talk (Patty)

    5. PAC Fundraiser

      1. Friday, 11/7/14 @ Patty’s YAY! 

        1. Themes? Wine/Cheese?

        2. Carol Schulz Wine Specialist and PAC organizer

        3. Fee expected to be 25-30$

        4. Anticipated start time ~6 pm

    6. Social Events

    7. Mentor Program (Pauline) - deferred

    8. Poison Prevention (Justin)

      1. Justin received approval and funding for 200 boy/girl scout Poison Prevention Patches to coincide with troop meetings when they get their Safety Patch. Once patches in hand will start reaching out to troops to plan dates of events.

      2. California Poison Control System (CPCS) – Sacramento Division @UCDMC is hiring 3 Full Time Poison Specialists. See job description and application at   , clicking on “Search openings” and entering “poison” or “toxicology”. Contact Justin Lewis if you would like to discuss the position 916-732-8504.

      3. Poison Talk will be deferred to next year since calendar is full but Justin will re-send out a survey monkey about toxicology topic ideas as many cabinet members did not receive.

    9. Board Liaison (Jason)

    10. Members Comments

    11. Adjourn 7:05

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