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[Broughton Sheet II]




EDWARD TEMPEST1 (256), 2nd son of John Tempest of Brough­ton-in-Craven (Visita of Yorks 1563). In 1504, Edward Tempest, merchant of the Staple of Calais, sued with Roger Tempest of Bro'ton (De Banco Ro: Mich., 20 Henry vij, m.383). In April 1539, Edward Tempest furnished horse &c. at the Muster at Carleton (Exch. L.T.R. Misc. Bks, No. 34, m.29). Became pos­sessed of Yealison (Stephen Tempest's Peds:).

Edward Tempest (256), married Agnes (257), daughter and heir of Mr Yealison of Carleton in Craven (Stephen Tempest's Peds 1647, p.22, Bro'ton Lib. K.6). Possibly a daughter of . . . Bold of Yealison. In 1472, Brian Bold granted his ½ manor of Carleton, with land in "Yolosom" & Lothersdale to Sir Henry and Lady Grace Bold (Dodsw: MSS, vol. 83, fol. 23b). Yealison was only held by lease of the Earl's of Cumberland (see below).

Edward (256) and Agnes (257) had issue ‑

i. Edward Tempest (262) see below I.

ii. John Tempest (264) (Ped. by Beckworth 1777 at Bro'ton). Query? Buried at Keldwick 1543 (Par: Reg:).

I. EDWARD TEMPEST (262), of Yellison, in Carleton, born say 1500. In 1545 (37 Henry viij), he Laid 4s.8d. on £7 worth of goods in Carleton for the Relief, having been assessed on £8 worth in 1543 (Exch: Lay: Subs. W.R.Y. 208/209 m.1 207/183). Administration of the goods of Edward Tempest "of Yolesom" granted to Thomazine his widow 4 July 1553 (Reg: Test: Ebor:). Query? whether this Edward in 1539 (Muster Ro:).

Edward Tempest (262) married Thomazine (263) daughter of
Administration of her husband's goods granted her
4 July 1553 (Reg: Test: Ebor:). In 1562, Thomazine Tempest

1 For this Edward see p.280.



widow, assessed on £5 of goods at Carleton (Ribblesdale MSS, Var., No. 25, m.2). Buried at Carleton 27 September 1585 (Par: Reg:). They had issue ‑

i. Thomas Tempest (265), see below II

ii. Stephen Tempest (267), son of Edward, baptized at Carleton 10 November 1542, buried there 22 April 1544 (Par: Reg:).

iii. Robert Tempest (268), son of Edward baptized at Carleton, 24 December 1546 (Par: Reg:). query? of Bingley

  1. Jane (269), daughter of Edward Tempest, baptized at Carleton, 23 October 1538 (Par: Reg:).

  2. Alice (270), daughter of Edward Tempest, baptized at Carleton, 3 July 1541 (Par: Reg:).

II. THOMAS TEMPEST (265), of Yellison-in-Craven, which he held by lease of the Earls of Cumberland (Son's will). Born say 1530. He was wed after 1563 (Visita: of Yorks, sub Maude). The 24 September 1580, he witnessed delivery of seizen of land in Broughton (Bro'ton No. 70). His nuncupative will, 18 March 1594-5, names his lease of Yealison, names his sons Edward and Stephen Tempest, executor his wife Margaret, who proved it 18 May 1595 (Reg: Test: Ebor:). Buried at Carleton 8 March 1594-5 (Par: Reg:).

Thomas Tempest (265) married Margaret (266), daughter of Thomas Mawde of West Riddlesden, Esq., by Katherine, daughter of Roger Tempest of Bro'ton Esq: (Glover's Visits: of Yorks 1585, sub Mawde). Executrix of her husband's will 1595. Her will 4 May 1601, names children Marie, Dorothie and Frances and son Stephen Tempest, who with Mr William Farrand, was executor. Proved 1 December 1601 (Reg: Test: Ebor:). Buried Carleton 15 May 1601 (Par: Reg:).



Thomas (265) and Margaret (266) had issue -

  1. Edward Tempest (271), see below III

  2. Stephen Tempest (273) son of Thomas, baptized at Carleton 24 December 1572 (Par: Reg:). He was co­executor of the will of his brother Edward Tempest, the lease of Yellison being settled on him in failure of Edward's male heirs, 7 March 1597-8. He was executor to his mother's will 4 May 1601 (Reg: Test: Ebor:). He was joint tenant of Yellison, October 1615 (Yellison No. 1). As "of Eshton, gentleman, he with Stephen Tempest of Bro'ton Esq., feoffee for Nicholas Mit­chill of Bro'ton yeoman, August 1624 (Bro'ton No. 104). A witness, 10 April 1612, to a Bro'ton deed (Ibid. No. 85). The 7 July 17 Charles 1 (1641), Anthony Tomlinson was bound to Stephen Tempest of Eshton for £22 (Box viij, Craven No. 6). He died at Broughton and buried there 1654 (Bro'ton Ct Rolls No. 24). Administration of his goods granted 25 March 1654 to his son Thomas (P.C.C.).

Stephen Tempest (273) married Anne (274), daughter of . . . Dawson and widow of Thomas Tomlinson of Skipton merchant Dodsw. MSS, vol. 6, fol. 56). Licence for Ann Tomlinson of Skipton to wed Stephen Tempest of Bro'ton at either place 1614 (Paver's Mar: Lic:). She wed Thomas Tomlinson at Skipton 1603 who died 1613, buried 27 April (Par: Reg:). ? 2d wife, not mother to Thomazine.

Stephen Tempest (273) ? by a first wife, had a daughter ‑

1. Thomazine (290), daughter of Stephen of Eshton (Dodsw: MSS, vol. 6, fo. 56). Wed 1st Nicholas Mitchell, yeoman. The 26 August 1624, he enfeoffed Stephen Tempest of Eshton etc: of Gt


Croft and Dangflatts in Bro'ton, for use of his wife Thomazine (Bro'ton No. 104). He d.s.p. before 25 November 1625, his widow Thomazine wed to Robert Tempest (Bro'ton Ct Rolls, 4 & 5), 6th son of Sir Stephen Tempest of Bro'ton (see Bro'ton Sheet iv, [no.470, pages 335, 336]). As widow of Robert Tem­pest she was a freeholder in Bro'ton October 1646 to September 1654 (Ct Ro: 24) D. 30 June 1655.

Stephen Tempest (273) and Anne (274) had issue -

  1. Edward Tempest (282) son of Stephen Tempest of Eshton (Dodsw: MSS. vol. 6, fol. 56, Ped.). Ed­ward Tempest of Broughton, buried there 10 April 1666 (York Transcrpt).

  2. Thomas Tempest (283), 2nd son of Stephen Tempest of Eshton (Dodsw: MSS. vol. 6, fol. 56). Wed at Gargrave 30 July 1641 (Par: Reg:). Administrat­ion of his father's goods to him 25 March 1654 (P.C.C.). In September 1655, he was tenant of land in Bro'ton late Thomazine Mitchells, wid., and presented for not paying the churchwardens there for burial of his children, Stephen and Mar­garet, and father Stephen Tempest, who died at Bro'ton 1654.

In April 1658, he was a freeholder (Bro'ton Ct Rolls 24 & 26). In April 1660, Henry Mitchell, of Skipton, sold Thomas Tempest of Bro'ton and Jane his wife for £95, Great Croft and Dagflatt closes in Bro'ton conveying them to Stephen Tempest of Bro'ton and John Hawkshead in trust for Thomas and Jane (Bro'ton No. 135). In September 1661, Sir Stephen Tempest of Bro'ton arbitrated over a debt on 2 bonds from Anthony father of Thomas Tomlinson to Tempest's father Stephen, awarding Thomas Tempest £11 (Tempest MSS, Craven 5, 6 & 7). In


August 1667, Thomas mortgaged Gt Croft &c. in Bro'ton to Christopher Lawson, to whom he sold them 4 Sir August 1668, signing receipt to Sir Stephen Tempest for whom they were bought (Bro'ton 150 & 156). Buried at Bro'ton 7 August 1668 York Transcripts). Ad­ministration of goods to widow Jane, 18 August 1668 (R.T.E.).

Thomas Tempest (283) married 1stly Alice (284), daughter of . . . Hodgson, married at Gargrave, 30 July 1641 (Par: Reg:). Query mother of his children -

  1. Stephen Tempest (301), and

  2. Margaret (302), buried at Bro'ton before September 1655 (Bro'ton Ct. Rolls No.24/2).

  3. Thomas Tempest (303), Query a son. He signed the Vicar's Terrier of Bro'ton 4 Nov­ember 1684. Stephen Tempest Esq: circa 1732 states this Thomas Tempest was a freeholder in Bro'ton and lived opposite the Pinfold: the house pulled down about 1729 (Bro'ton No. 321 (1)). No trace of this freehold found (E.B.T.). The 18 March 1669-70, a daughter of Thomas Tempest buried at Bro'ton (Par: Reg:). Perhaps he was the father of Lazerus, Zacharius and Thomas Tempest living at Gargrave 1717-39 (Par: Reg:).

Thomas Tempest (283) married 2ndly, Jane (265) daughter of . . . In April 1660, Thomas Tempest and Jane his wife bought two closes in Bro'ton which were settled on Jane for life (Bro'ton No. 135). The 22 August 1668, as widow of Thomas Tem­pest, she gave receipt for the final payment for sale of Gt Croft and Dangflatt (Ibid. Nos.158 & 159).



The 19 March 1665-6, Jane, wife of Thomas Tempest, was fined as a Recusant at Bro'ton at £20 (Surtees Soc: vol. 40, p.138, & Add: MSS. 20739, fol. 272). As widow of Thomas Tempest she was left 30s by John Preston of Appletrewick (R.T.E.). Living a tenant at Bro'ton October 1672 (Ct Rolls, 29-32).

3. Stephen Tempest (286), 3rd son of Stephen of Eshton (Dodsw: MSS, vol. 6, fol. 56), baptized at Gargrave, 30 April 1629 (Par: Reg:). As of Bro'ton, was a feoffee 1660, and as "of Kelbrooke in the parish of
Thornton-in-Craven", a party to a mortgage of Gt Croft and Dangflatt by his brother Thomas Tempest August 1667 (Bro'ton Nos. 135 & 150). Doubtless the Stephen Tempest who wed his cousin Ann daughter of Edward Tempest of Yellison, she dying between 1650 and 60 (Dodsw: MSS, vol. 6, fol. 56 & Yellison Nos. 12 & 13). He wed 2ndly July 1663 (York Marr: Bonds). Left £30 by Edward Tempest in will of May 1669, and 40s in one of 1675 (Yellison Nos. 16 & 19). Left 30s by John Preston of Appletrewick 1675 because he and his brother Thomas Tempest once forgave Preston interest of £50 (R.T.E.). Buried at Thornton 6 March 1675-6 (Par: Reg:). Administration of his goods to his widow Elizabeth 21 August 1678 (R.T.E.).

Stephen Tempest (286) married Elizabeth (287), daughter of . . . Hadocke; marriage licence 1 July 1663 (York Marr; Lic:). Administration of her hus­band's goods to her 21 August 1678 (Reg: Test: Ebor:). As widow of Stephen Tempest of Kelbrook, she gave general release to the executors of Kath­erine Tempest of Yellison, 10 April 1683 (Yellison



(Yellison No. 21). Buried at Thornton 24 Febru­ary 1716-17 (Par: Reg:).

Stephen Tempest (286) and Elizabeth (287) had issue -

a. Stephen Tempest (293), son of Stephen of Kelbrook, baptized at Thornton 6 June 1667 (Par: Reg:). He is described 1727 and ‘28 as weaver, and after as yeoman (Ibid). His will, 26 March 1736, appoints Jane his wife sole executor. First probate to her 19 August 1738, with his 2 daughters (Reg: Test. Ebor.). Stephen Tempest de Kelbroke, yeoman buried at Thornton in Craven, 9 July 1738 (Par: Reg:).

Stephen Tempest (293) married Jane (294) daughter of . . . Probate of her husband’s will to her 19 August 1738, with tuition of his daughters. Further administration to her 23 April 1753, then wife of George Holt of Colne as sole executor (R.T.E.). They had issue -

  1. Elizabeth (298), daughter of Stephen Tempest of Kelbroke, weaver, baptized at Thornton, 20 September and buried there 5 December 1727 (Par: Reg:).

  2. Elizabeth (299), daughter of Stephen Tempest of Kelbroke, weaver, baptized at Thornton 14 November 1728 (Par: Reg:). Left 1/2 his freehold by her father 26 March 1736 her mother granted her tuition 17 August 1738 (Reg: Test: Ebor:). Buried at Thornton 8 March 1741-­2 (P.R.).



C. Anne (300), daughter of Stephen of Kelbroke yeoman baptized at Thornton 7 September 1730 (Par: Reg:). Her father left his freehold &c. 26 March 1736, her tuition granted to her mother Jane 17 August 1738 (Reg: Test: Ebor:). Query? Dead by April 1753.

b. Anne (295), daughter of Stephen Tempest of Kelbrook baptized at Thornton February 1663­-4 (Par: Reg:). Query? "servant to Dame Anne Tempest who left her £100 September 1684 (P.C.C.).

d. Elizabeth (296), daughter of Stephen Tem­pest of Kelbrook, baptized Thornton 3 July 1663 (Par: Reg:).

c. Maria (297), daughter of Stephen Tempest of Kelbrook, baptized at Thornton 3 September 1671. ? wed there 21 November 1722 to William Taylor by licence (Par: Reg:).

  1. Elizabeth (288), daughter of Stephen Tempest of Bro'ton buried Gargrave, 16 February 1646-7 (Par: Reg:).

  2. Margaret (289), daughter of Stephen, buried Gargrave 24 May 1623 (Par: Reg:).

  1. Michael Tempest (275), son of Thomas, baptized at Carleton 17 May 1570 (Par: Reg:). Not named in father's will 1594-5 (R.T.E.).

  2. Elinor (276), daughter of Thomas baptized at Carle­ton, 20 May 1566 (Par: Reg:).

  3. Jane (277), daughter of Thomas, baptized at Carle­ton 17 August 1579 (Par: Reg:).

  4. Dorothy (278), daughter of Thomas baptized at Carle­ton 5 February 1581-2 (Par: Reg:). Unwed May 1601 and left £22 by her mother (Reg: Test: Ebor:).


Wed at Thornton in Craven, 28 May 1610, Henry Garrett and had Anne, baptized there 17 August 1614 (Par: Reg:).

  1. Mary (279), left £22 by her mother May 1601, then un­wed (Reg: Test: Ebor:).

  1. A child (280) of Thomas Tempest baptized at Carleton, 30 October and buried 31, 1584 (Par: Reg:).

  1. Frances (281), "youngest dau:" left £22 by her mother in May 1601, unwed (Reg: Test: Eb:).

III. EDWARD TEMPEST (271) of Yellison, baptized at Carleton 17 November 1565 (Par: Reg:). Executor of his father's will 18 March 1594-5 (R.T.E.). In his will 7 March 1597-8, he recites the lease from the earl of Cumberland to his father Thomas Tempest of "Yealosome" for certain years, of which 9 are unexpired and recites a mortgage by the said earl for £160 on the said messuage, which if not repaid within 4 years, the earl is to demise the property to Edward Tempest for 5000 years, at a fee farm rent. Executors his brother Stephen Tempest and wife Jane. No issue named. Proved at York, by Jane and Stephen, 20 June 1598 (Reg: Test: Ebor:). Edward Tempest buried at Carleton 11 March 1597-8 (Par: Reg:).

Edward Tempest (271) married Jane (272), daughter of John Parker of Extwisle, co. Lanc., by Margaret daughter of Laurence Townley of Bankcide (Dugdale's Visita.: of Lanc: 1665, sub Parker). Co-executor of her husband's will March 1597-8 (R.T.E.). She wed 2dly 1603, at Bro'ton, George Tempest, 3rd son of Henry Tempest of Bro'ton Hall esq. (Paver's Marr; Lic­ence), by whom she had five daughters (see Bro'ton Sheet III [nos. 452 to 456, pages 313 to 315]).

Edward Tempest (271) and Jane (272) had a son –
IV. EDWARD TEMPEST (291), of Yellison, posthumous son, bap­tized at Carleton 4 September 1598 (Par: Reg:). The 27 Oct­ober 1615, Francis Earl of Cumberland and his son Lord Clif‑



ford, conveyed for £360:4:0 to John Parker of Extwisle, co. Lanc., gentleman, and Edward son and heir of Edward Tempest of Yealosome in Craven, gentleman, deceased, the messuage and 12 oxgangs of land called Yealosome alias Yellison Grange within the manor of Carleton, and the intack called the Ryse, for the use of said Edward Tempest and heirs under a fee farm rent of £4 ancient rent for the messuage and 11s. for the intacke (Yellison No. 1). Licence for alienation 23 April 1618 (Ibid. No. 2).

The 29 March 18 James 1 (1620), and agreement was made between Edward Tempest, John Parker and John Cunliffe of Woodhead in Accrington, for the marriage of Edward with Eliza­beth daughter of the said John Cunliffe, and for the settle­ment of Yellison, the Ryse and various closes in Carleton, for which John Parker gave release 1 November 1633 (Ibid. No. 7). He bought various closes of land in Carleton 1629, 1633 and 1636 (Ibid. Nos. 5,8,9). In 1636, the inhabitants of Carleton certified to him a seat in Carleton parish church to the E. side of the pillar next the chancel which belonged to his ancestors (Ibid. No. 10). The 10 December 1650, he and his wife joined in settling Yellison &c. on their daughters Anne, Katherine and Thomazine (Ibid. No. 12), which the 14 September 1660, they revoked, settling half on daughter Thoma­zine, & in August 1667 Edward Tempest enfeoffed his daughter Katherine of the other half (Ibid. Nos. 14 & 15).

He made one will 17 May 1669 (No. 16). The 21 March 1670-1, he and his daughter Katherine settled the moieties of Yellison with his other daughter Thomazine Walker (No. 17). His will 10 May 1675, proved at York (Reg; Test: Ebor:). Dr: Edward Tempest, "a phisition" buried at Carleton, 20 August 1675 (York Transcripts).

Edward Tempest (291) married Elizabeth (292), daughter



of John Cunliffe of Woodhead in Accrington by his wife . . . daughter and heir of James Robinson of Rough Lee in Pendle Forest. Marr: covenants 29 May 1620. Her portion was £400 and 10 December 1650, Edward Tempest agreed with Nicholas Cunliffe of Wycoller as to her jointure (Foster's Lanc: Peds. & Yellison Nos. 7 & 12). In September 1660, she joined her husband in resettling their property, but only "marked" as signature (Ibid: No. 14). Buried at Carleton, 22 January 1666-7 (Par: Reg:).

Edward Tempest (291) and Elizabeth (292) had issue -

  1. George Tempest (304), son of Edward, baptized at Carleton, 30 March 1622, buried there 29 April 1623 (Par: Reg:).

  2. Thomas Tempest (305), son of Edward baptized at Carleton, 1 April 1627, buried there in 1630 (Par: Reg:).

  3. Stephen Tempest (306), son of Edward baptized at Car­leton, 28 November 1636, buried there 14 January 1647-8 (Par: Reg:).

  4. Maria (307), daughter of Edward, baptized at Carleton, 2 October 1625, buried there 14 February 1625-6 (Par: Reg:).

  5. Anne (308), daughter of Edward, baptized at Carleton, 27 January 1629-30 (Par: Reg:). Named in deed Dec­ember 1650, dead by September 1660 (Yellison Nos. 12, 13 & 14). Query? wed her cousin Stephen Tempest of Kelbrook (Dodsw: MSS, vol. 6, fol. 56).

  1. Katherine (309), daughter of Edward Tempest, bap­tized at Carleton, 4 February 1633-4 (Par: Reg:). She is named in the settlement of 10 December 1650 (Yellison No. 12). The 10 August 1667, her father settled half the Yellison property on her, the messuage and 12 Oxgangs of land etc: (Ibid. No. 15). The 21 March 23 Charles ij, 1670-1, Edward Tempest and



his daughter Katherine made partition of this with Ed­ward's other daughter Thomazine wife of Jo Walker, of Hungerhill, by which Edward and Katherine Tempest take the upper end of the house at Yellison, all above the kitchen, the upper parlour, with the chambers and rooms belonging, the Lower Laithe barn, half the building called the Newhouse in the fold, the garden adjoining the Upper parlour, with half certain closes &c. (Ibid: No. 17).

By will 10 May 1675, her father left her Wilson Pas­ture, Scott Pasture and New Inge near Yellison with half the residue of his personal estate, the other half to her niece Elizabeth Walker, to whom Katherine was to be guardian. She was sole executor to the will (Reg: Testa: Ebor: No probate found). Administration of her goods granted to her sister Thomazine Walker, 20 June 1681 (Reg: Testa; Ebor:).

vii. Thomazine (310), daughter of Edward Tempest, baptized at Carleton, 10 March 1639-40 (Par: Reg:). The 14 September 1660, Edward Tempest and Elizabeth his wife settled the moiety of their messuage called "Yealosome" and their land there on their daughter Thomazine Tem­pest (Yellison No. 14). She had married before May 1669, John Walker of Hungerhill, and had then alive issue Anna, Sarah and Katherine Walker, to whom her father left legacies and several closes in Yellison to his grand-daughter Katherine Walker (Ibid. No. 16).


y deed 21 March, 23 Charles II, 1670, she and her husband joined her father and sister in a partition of Yellison having for her share the Lower end of the house, the Lower parlour over the kitchen with all rooms belonging and certain closes (Ibid. No. 18). Administration of the goods of her sister Katherine


Tempest granted to her 20 June 1681 (Reg: Test: Ebor:). Her will dated 20 November 1683, being then widow of John Walker, and her eldest son Edward Walker under age. She added a codicil 10 December 1683, noting that her son John Walker is dead, names eldest daughter Eliza­beth Stephenson and younger daughters Jane, Tabitha, Katherine, Thomazine, Hannah and Sarah, both Jane and Tabitha being born after September 1670 (Yellison No.22). Edward Walker left an only son John Walker, who left 7 daughters, who by his will, 13 September 1729, divi­ded the property. In July 1736, his co-exeoutors, widow Lettice and daughters Mariana and Elizabeth Walker sold Yellison to William Ryshworth of Grassington.

In 1792, Stephen Tempest of Bro'ton bought the estate (Yellison Nos 24, 25 & 37). Thomazine Walker of Hungerhill widow, buried at Bolton-by-Bolland, 10 January 1683-4 (Par: Reg:).

[Tong Sheet I]


XLVI. HENRY TEMPEST (643) of Tong, co. York, Esquire, eighth and youngest son of Sir Richard Tempest of Bracewell etc. by his wife Rosamund daughter and heir of Tristram Bolling of Bolling Esquire. Born about 1515. His marriage contract, dated 30 March, 18 Henry viij (1526-7), by which Peter Mirfeld of Tong and Christopher Mirfeld his son and heir, grant to Sir Richard Tempest knt, the wardship and marriage of Ellen daughter and heir apparent of the said Christopher Mirfeld, to be married to Henry Tempest, the son of the said Sir Richard. It was also agreed that the Mirfelds should before Whitsunday ensuing enfeoff Thomas Sattell Esquire, Robert Baildon gentle­man, Henry Skelton, Nicholas Tempest, the elder esquire, Tho­mas Lister and Roger Banister gentlemen of their manors and lands etc. for these uses, viz. land in Tong worth 147s. 6d. and other in Collynge (Cowling) worth 66s. 8d. to secure £10 yearly for the said Henry Tempest and Ellen his wife, but pay­ing out of the said £10, forty shillings yearly to the said Peter Mirfeld for his life. The rest of the manors and lands are to descend to the said Henry and Ellen on the death of Peter and Christopher Mirfeld if they die without male issue, Sir Richard undertook to pay £200 for this marriage, there being a clause in the agreement for restitution, in case the Crown claimed Ellen's wardship (Original Deed at Tong Hall 1889). The 6 October 1528, Peter Mirfeld gave Sir Richard Tempest a full aquittance for the £200 (Abstract of Tong and Collinghead deeds 1639 at Tong Hall 1899).

Sir Richard Tempest in his will of 6 January 1536-7 thus names Henry - "Also I give and bequeathe unto my sonne Henry Tempest, all the lands which I did purchase of the heires of Robert Falthroppe, lying in Horton-in-Craven and Settell for the terme of his life natural, and after his decease it to remayne to the heirs of me the said Sir Richard Tempest for


ever" (Y.P.C.).

After Sir Richard's death, about 1538, Peter and Chris­topher Mirfeld sued his widow Dame Rosamund for certain deeds and other matters relating to their estates, the settlement of 20 March, 18 Henry viij, being named. In her reply, 30 April 1541 (33 Henry viij) she stated that the plaintiffs Mirfeld had not performed their part of the covenants, though Sir Richard Tempest had paid the £200, and the marriage between her son Henry Tempest and Ellen Mirfeld had taken place (Early Chanc: Proceed: Bdle 855, Myrfeld v. Tempest).

At the Muster Roll for the W.R. Yorks 1539, Henry Tempest is named as one of the household of his mother Dame Rosamund Tempest at Bolling and set down as able to provide a horse and harness (Chapter House Bks A.2, 23). The 18 November 1541 (33 Henry viij), Sir Thomas Tempest of Bracewell and John Tem­pest of Bolling (Henry's brothers) paid £40 to Christopher Mirfeld for the final assuring of Tong manor &c. to Henry and Ellen Tempest as was agreed upon in the marriage contract of 1526-7 (Deed at Tong Hall 1889).

At Easter 1550 (4 Edward vj), Henry Tempest and Elena his wife, with Christopher Mirfeld, are plaintiffs against Tristram Boiling of the manors of Tong, Collynghed and Gren­desthorp, with 65 messuages and 2 water mills and land in the said places and in Holme, also the advowson of the Chapel of St James Tong (Yorks Feet of Fines [Yorks Rec. Soc.], Vol. 1, p.148). The 14 December 1554, he and his wife Ellen sell a parcel of the waste of Tong to John Hobson (Deed at Tong Hall 1889).

At Easter 1556, he and his wife Ellen and daughter Beat­rix were deforciants against Sir John Tempest knight of 6 messuages in Bolling and Bradford (Yorks Feet of Fines, vol. 1, p.191). By deed 20 March 1557-8, he and his wife empower Richard Mirfeld to levy a Fine of Recovery of the "manors" of Howley, Morley, Gildersome, Mirfeld, Hopton, Kirkeheaton,


Drylington, Batley, Smeaton, Frysby, Southouram, Boulton, Leeds and Wakefield, co. York, with common (waste) land in Tong and Colynhead, which was sold by Peter Mirfeld to the use of Richard Mirfeld and his heirs. By an award 22 March 4 & 5 Philip & Mary, 1557-8 between Henry Tempest of Tong and Ellen his wife, of the one part, and Richard Mirfeld of Destroppe, co. Northampton, gentleman, and Anne Oldfield, widow of Edmund Oldfield of Southouram, concerning the title to the manors of Tong and Collinghead, with land there and at Doncaster and Grimesthorpe,co. York, late the inheritance of Peter Mirfeld esquire, deceased, it was agreed that Richard Mirfeld and Anne Oldfield shall release the same, and Richard Mirfeld should receive £5 yearly for life out of Tong (Deeds at Tong Hall 1889).

The 26 August 1558, Richard Mirfeld gives the Tempest's full release for 216 acres of common or waste land in Tong (Ibid.). At Easter 1558, a fine was levied of the manors of Tong and Collinghead, 65 messuages, 2 water mills with land, meadow &c. in Tong, Collinghead, Holme, Grymesthorpe and Doncaster with the advowson of St James's Chapel Tong, Henry Tempest and his wife being plaintiffs, Richard Mirfeld and Anne Oldfeld deforciants (Yorks Feet of Fines, vol. 1, p. 213). At the same date licence was given to Henry and Ellen Tempest to alienate the same to Richard Mirfeld (Deed at Tong Hall 1889 and Common Ro: Easter 4 & 5 Philip & Mary, m.362d). The 26 August 1558, Henry & Ellen Tempest agree with Richard Mirfeld that a Recovery of all such parcels of land, late the common or waste ground within the manors of Tong and Colling­head as were at any time improved, sold or granted by either Peter or Christopher Mirfeld, and they undertake to assure the holders of the 216 acres, all buildings thereon (Deed at Tong Hall 1889). In the same month and year, Henry and Ellen Tempest with Richard Mirfeld, gentleman, confirm various parcels of waste in Tong to the holders (Abstract of Freehol‑


der's deeds at Tong Hall 1889).

The 8 November 1558, Henry and Ellen Tempest and Richard Mirfeld grant to William Whitehead of Tong, a certain parcel of land lately enclosed on the moor or waste of Tong contain­ing 4 acres, abutting on the close of Holme, called Urfeld, rent reserved 16d with suit and service of court &c. (Yorks deeds, vol. 2, p.194).

In the entail made by Sir John Tempest of Bracewell knt, 31 July 1563, of his estates of Bracewell, Waddington, Bolling, Bealraper &c. Henry Tempest of Tong is named after the heirs male of Tristram Tempest the seventh son of Sir Richard and Dame Rosamund Tempest (Chanc. Inq. p.m. 8 Elizabeth, no.191). The 1st October 1563 (5 Elizabeth), Henry Tempest and his wife covenanted with William Thornton of Tyersall for the marriage of his son William Thornton with their daughter Beatrix Tem­pest (Deed at Tong Hall 1889).

In 1570, Sir Thomas Gargrave reported to the Queen that Henry Tempest of Tong was one of the "doubtful" Protes­tants among the minor gentry of Yorkshire (Chapters of Yorks Hist: Cartwright p.71). The 1st September 1572 (14 Elizabeth) Henry Tempest and Ellen his wife covenanted with Thomas Savile of Thornhill and Elizabeth his wife for the marriage of their son and heir Richard Tempest with Elizabeth, one of the two daughters and co-heirs of the said Thomas and Elizabeth, when the Saviles undertake to settle various property and 18 Janu­ary 1575-6 (18 Elizabeth) Henry, Ellen and Richard Tempest settle their estates of 60 messuages, 30 cottages, 100 gardens, 5,000 acres of land, 300a of meadow, 600a of pasture, 200a of wood, 200a of furze and heath, with 4d. rent in Tong, Collinghead and Stothill, besides various messuages, gardens and parcels of waste in Collinghead on Henry and Ellen for life and then to Richard their son and heir, and Elizabeth his wife and their heirs &c. (Deed at Tong Hall 1889).

At Barnards "Survey" August 1577, Henry Tempest was found


to hold in right of his wife land in Hundsworth and Tong, formerly held by Richard Tong of the Queen, as of the Duchy of Lancaster, and he was on the Jury at Bradford for this Survey (Dodsworth MSS, vol. 34, fols. 16d & 13d). With his wife and son, he levied several fines of land in Tong, 1575, 1577, 1578 (Yorks Feet of Fines, vol. 2, pp.78, 101, 104, 127, & 166).

In 1585, he entered his pedigree at Glover's Visitation of Yorks, his arms allowed as, quarterly. 1st Arg: a bend between 6 martlets sab: Tempest. 2 Ermine, 5 fusils in fess gu: Hebden. 3 Argt a chevron between 3 martlets gu: Waddington. 4 Sab. an escutcheon ermine within an orle of 8 martlets argt. Bolling, with a mullet for difference (Coll. of Arms. Lib., 2 D. 5, fol. 185, & Harl. MSS. 18011, fol. 188). Early in 1581, he and his son Richard were sued by John Batte, gentle­man to warrant to him the parcel of land called Raikes and the tenement called Rycroft in Tong, which they and Ellen Tem­pest had granted him 26 September 1579 (Comm. Ro: No. 1383 Hil. 23 Elizabeth, m.604).

The 5 June 1586 (29 Elizabeth), he with his wife and son Richard grants to Walter Tempest his younger son £3:6:8 a year, out of land in Stothill and Collinghead for life and in February 1587-8 they grant Walter a parcel of waste in Tong (Deeds at Tong Hall 1889). In his will 5 April 1591 he de­sires to be buried in Tong church and names his sons Richard and Walter and daughter Beatrix Shirtcliffe late wife of Will­iam Thornton. Executrix, his wife Ellen who proved the will at York 26 June 1591 (Y.P.C.). He was buried at Tong, 6 April 1591 (Par: Reg:).

Henry Tempest (643) married Ellen (644), daughter and heir of Christopher Mirfeid of Tong esquire by his wife Eliza­beth, daughter of Arthur Pilkington Esquire (of Bradley) (Early Chanc: Proceed Bdle 855). Her marriage contract dated 20 March, 18 Henry viij (1526-7) (Deed at Tong Hall 1889).

She must have been a babe at that date, as she was declared 28 years old at the Inq: p.m. of her father, Christopher Mir­feld, 9 September 1555 (Chanc. Inq: p.m. 2 & 3 Philip & Mary, No. 4). Disputes arose after Sir Richard Tempest's death as to her dower.

In 1538, Peter and Christopher Mirfeld reciting the settle­ment of 20 March 1526-7, pleaded that, after Sir Richard's death (30 August 1537) Dame Rosamund his executrix had sued execution on all their manors &c. and left them no means of living. They also quote the marriage settlement between Chris­topher Mirfeld and Elizabeth daughter of Arthur Pylkyngton Esqr, which they declare Dame Rosamund detains. By her reply before Commissioners, 30 April 1541, she denied having any of their charters and states that Sir Richard paid "great sommes of money" for the marriage, which had taken place (Early Chanc: Proceed: Bdle 855 Myrfeld v. Tempest). Ellen joined her hus­band in various sales of land in Tong and in settlements (Deeds at Tong Hall). She was executrix of her husband's will 15 April 1591, which she proved at York 26 June 1591 (Y.P.C.).

Her will of 19 December 1599, desires to be buried in "the chapelle of Tong". She names her younger son Walter, her son and heir apparent Richard Tempest, daughter Beatrice wife of William Shirtcliffe, who was formerly wife of William Thornton and grandson Richard Tempest the younger. She also names Mr Richard Tempest of Haighe, Ellen Thornton and William Gibson her servant; to each godchild she left 6s. 8d. Sole executor her son Walter Tempest who proved the will at York 17 August 1601 (Y.P.C.).

Her Inquisition post mortem was held at York Castle, 20 August 43 Elizabeth (1601) found she died seised in fee of the manors of Tong and Collinghead otherwise Stothill, and of 65 messuages, 2 watermills, 1100 acres of land, 450a of meadow, 800 acres of pasture, 60 acres of wood, 1400 acres of moor, moss, marsh and turf, with 4s. rents with appurtenances in Tong,


Collinghead, alias Stothill (parish of Kildwick) and Holme. Also the advowson of the free chapel of Tong. The manor of Tong with its messuages and advowson, and the land in Holme were held of the Honour of Pontefract, by the fourth part of a knights fee and 20s yearly rent, and were worth yearly 20 marks. The manor of Collinghead alias Stothill &c. were held of Anthony Walker as of his manor of Bingley in free socage, by fealty and a rent of 6s yearly and are worth yearly £7.

Ellen Tempest died 19 January, 34 Elizabeth, and her heir was her son Richard Tempest of Tong Esq. then aged 40 years (Chanc: Inq: p.m. 44 Elizabeth, pt ii, no.10).

At the Inq: p.m. of her father, Christopher Mirfeld at Leeds 9 September 1555, Ellen Tempest was declared heir to all the above recited manors and lands (Ibid. 2 & 3 Philip & Mary no.4).

"Mres Ellen Tempest", was buried at Tong 21 January 1600­-1 (Par: Reg:).

Henry Tempest (643) & Ellen (644) had issue -

  1. Richard Tempest (645) see below XLVII.

  2. Robert Tempest (647), 2nd son (Glover's Visita: of Yorks 1585, Coll. of Arms, 2 D.5, fol. 185). A child of Mr Henry Tempest baptized at Tong 13 January 1551-2 (Par: Reg:). Possibly the Robert Tempest of Bradford, administration of whose goods was granted to his widow Anne 18 December 1595 (Y.P.C.). Not named in either parents' wills 1591 or 1599 (Y.P.C.).

  3. John Tempest (648), 3rd son (Glover's Visita: of Yorks 1585, Coll. of Arms, 2 D. 5, fol 185). "A child of Mr Henry Tempest baptized at Tong 3 February 1552-3" (Par: Reg:) ? ".... son of Henry Tempest" buried at Batley co. York, 21 August 1562 (Par: Reg:). Not named in either parents wills 1591 or 1599 (Y.P.C.).

  4. Walter Tempest (649), 4th son (Glovers Visita. of Yorks 1585, Coll. of Arms, 2 D. 5, fol. 185).


He is probably the Walter Tempest who had a bastard son by Jane Illingworth, called Walter, baptized at Bingley 9 May 1581 (Par: Reg:).

The 1st June 1586, Henry Tempest of Tong and Ellen his wife, and son and heir Richard, grant to Walter Tem­pest their younger son, an annuity of 68s 8d out of Stothill and Collinghead in the parish of Kyldwick, co. York, for life, seisen given to Walter by payment of 6d in silver (Deed at Tong Hall 1889). The 28 February 1587-8 the same three granted him a parcel of 12 acres, large measure, of the waste of Tong, lying next Dudley Hill to the west, Wyskett Hill to the east and North Byerley fields to the south and the highway between Bradford and Adwalton to the north, at a yearly rent of 2s. and suit and service at the manorial Court of Tong; but he had no power to alienate the same without the consent of his brother Richard (Ibid.).

In June 1588, he with William Shirtcliffe and Will­iam Pollard were plaintiffs in a fine of 3 messuages in Bolling and North Byerley against Nicholas Stead, Stephen Cordingly etc. (Yorks Feet of Fines vol. 3, p.99). The 4 May 1596 he with his brother Richard Tempest, granted a moiety of 6 acres of his waste in Tong to William Wat­son and other 6 acres to Richard Stead (Deeds at Tong Hall 1889). He married at Bradford Church 27 November 1598 (Par: Reg:). He was serving on a jury at Bradford in July 1602 (Session Roll W.R.Y. [Yorks Rec: Soc:] p. 226).

His will, dated 19 February 1606-7, "of Birks in Bradford gent." desires to be buried within the parish church of Bradford "so near as may be to the place where my son was buried by the suffrance of Sir Richard Tem­pest knt". He left "Bricks close" wch he bought of

Thomas Walker of Bolton, to his daughters Ellen & Eliza­beth "if my wife be not with child", with remainder to Richard Thornton of Tyersall "my nephew", should his wife have son by him, then he shall have the land and the two daughters shall have annuities. Names Ellen Cord­ingly my servant, nephew Richard Tempest of Tong Esq. &c. Sole executor, wife Elizabeth, who proved the will 8 Dec­ember 1607; probate being renewed to Sir John Savile knt Sir Richard Tempest knt. and Caleb Kempe, Vicar of Brad­ford, 5 June 1608 (Y.P.C.).

Buried in Bradford church 4 September 1607 (Par: Reg:).

Walter Tempest (649) married Elizabeth (650) daughter of . . . Walker. Licence for Walter Tempest of Tong to marry Elizabeth Walker of Bradford given 1598 (Paver's Marr: Lic:). Executor to her husband's will February 1606-7 (Y.P.C.). In 1608, Robert Waterhouse had licence to wed Elizabeth Tempest of Birstall, widow, at either Birstall or Bradford (Paver's Marr: Lic:).

Walter (649) & Elizabeth (650) had issue ‑

  1. Richard Tempest (655), son of Walter, baptized at Tong 31 May 1600, buried in Bradford church, "a child of Walter Tempest 22 May 1602" (Par: Regs). O.S.P.

  2. Elizabeth (656), daughter of Walter Tempest of Bradford, gentleman, baptized there 7 July 1605 (Par: Reg:). Named in the will of her father 19 February 1606-7 (Y.P.C.). Query? the Elizabeth Tempest of St Mary, Castlegate, York, who had licence 1627 to marry John Rayner of Ecclesfield at either Bradford or St Mary's, wed at latter 20 May 1627 (Paver's Marr: Lic:).

  3. Ellen (657), named in her father's will 19 Feb­ruary 1606-7 (Y.P.C.).

v. Thomas Tempest (651), the son of Henry baptized at

Tong 27 October 1572 (Par: Reg:). Not named in visitation 1585 doubtless died an infant (E.B.T ).

  1. Anne (652), wed Robert Nicholls, son of Thomas Nicholls. By the will of Robert Nicholls of London, gentleman, 3 January, 25 Elizabeth 1582-3, he left "my brother-in-law Richard Tempest of Tong, gentleman" guardian of his son Tempest Nicholls and names a daughter Grace Nicholls and his messuages in Paternoster Row. His wife Anne appears to be dead (P.C.C.). Articles dated at Tong, 12 May 1598, between Anthony Nicholls of Paddington and Richard Tem­pest of Tong as to Cross House, Hunsworth, Tempest Nic­holls then living (Deed at Toag Hall 1889). Both Tempest and Grace Nicholls dec'd s.p. (The Topographer &c. vol. 3, p.537).

  2. Beatrix (653). In 1556 she was a deforciant with her parents in a fine of 6 messuages &c. in Bolling & Brad­ford (Yorks Feet of Fines, vol. 1, p.191). She wed 1563, William Thornton of Tyersall co. York. Covenants for marriage dated 1 October 1563, the wedding to take place before 30 November ensuing. William Thornton was to settle Tyersall Hall upon her for life and Henry Tempest gave £100 for portion, and to find the couple board and lodging for a year (Deed at Tong Hall 1889).

Her son Tempest Thornton baptized at Calverley 20 February 1574 (Par: Reg:), and another, Richard is named in his uncle Walter Tempest's will 1606 (Y.P.C.). Will­iam Thornton, buried at Tong November 1579, and she wed 2ndly before 1591, William Shirtcliffe and is named in both her parents' wills (Y.P.C.).

Buried in the Choir of Bradford church 24 January 1617-18 (Par: Reg:).

  1. Margaret (654), daughter of Henry Tempest, baptized at Tong 17 November 1553, wed there 26 September 1575 to John Gascoigne (Par: Reg:). An undated bond for per‑


formance of Covenants from William Gascoigne of Thorpe on the Hill to Henry Tempest, covenants concerning the marriage of had between John, son and heir of the said William Gascoigne and Margaret, daughter of Henry Tem­pest (Deed at Tong Hall 1889).

Her daughter Elizabeth Gascoigne buried at Tong 1576 her daughter Anne baptized there April 1578, and buried 2 August 1578 (Par: Reg:). Not named in husband's will 18 June 1587, her father and brother Henry and Richard guardians to her younger children Henry and Elizabeth, Walter Tempest executor and had tuition of the son Henry, 19 June 1590 (Y.P.C.). Elizabeth Gascoign married Rich­ard Pollard of Tong (Dr Dufton).

XLVII. RICHARD TEMPEST (645) of Tong, Esq., found to be heir to his mother in 1601 (Her Inq. p.m.). Baptized at Tong church 6 April 1551 (Par: Reg:). By indenture 1 September 1572 (14 Elizabeth), Henry Tempest of Tong Esq. and Ellen his wife covenanted with Thomas Savile of Thornhill gentleman and Eliza­beth his wife, for the marriage of their son and heir, Richard Tempest, with Elizabeth Savile one of the two daughters and heirs apparent of the said Thomas Savile, who undertook to convey before July ensuing to Richard Tempest of Bolling, George Savile of Thornhill and John Lacy of Leventhorpe Esq­uires, John and George Savile of Wakefield and Robert Popley of Popley, gentlemen, an estate in fee simple in the manor of Pillay and all messuages, lands &c. in Pillay or in the par­ish of Tankersley, for the use of him the said Thomas Savile for life, and then to Richard Tempest and Elizabeth Savile and her heirs male, and for default to Dorothy, younger daughter of the said Thomas Savile. Also his lands in Overthorpe and Thornhill were settled in like manner. Henry and Ellen Tem­pest undertake to enfeoff the same Trustees with land in Tong of the yearly value of £10 for the use of Richard Tem­pest and Elizabeth his wife, Thomas Savile agreeing that

Of Haigh, to Tong deed 12 Oct 1588, 31 Eliz (aet 71)

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