Breaking a social Norm Assignment The social norm that I broke is when I became a

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Nebiha Ahmed

GLED 201

Ms. Cressy

Breaking A Social Norm Assignment

The social norm that I broke is when I became a Muhajiba, which is a Muslim girl who wears the hijab. In my religion, Islam, it is required for a Muslim girl to wear the hijab when she reaches puberty. However, most girls practice wearing the hijab years in advance to get better accustomed for when they have to wear it full time. Also, the requirement/rule is that she wears the hijab in front of any man she can marry which means that she doesn’t have to wear a hijab in front of her father, brother(s), and her uncle(s).

I used to wear a hijab on and off for a couple years when I was younger however when I got to middle school I became a Muhajiba. It took awhile to get used to because now I could not take off the hijab in the summer and spring when it was hot like I used to. I had to remember to buy hijabs that matched (or wasn’t too tacky) with my wardrobe even if my outfit for the day was just jeans and a hoodie. Also, I started to get more stares from people and some would ask me questions the most common being, “why are you wearing a scarf on your head?”

This was also a pretty big change for me because before I wore the hijab nobody asked me questions about my religion. Although, the attention my hijab got was somewhat unnerving/uncomfortable it did get me thinking. These questions people were asking me about why I had to wear it and what it meant was something I had asked my mother and researched myself. Thus, these questions that multiple people were asking at one point or another over the years had aided me in giving more accurate explanations and in becoming more in tune with my beliefs as well as what it means to wear the hijab and what it takes to be a Muslim woman. I still get stares when I walk outside depending on what region I’m in but now it isn’t as uncomfortable. In addition, this huge change in my life had taught me to me more open minded to other people, to take a second look, and realize that there is more to a person then their appearance.

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