Boy Scout Summer Camp Packing List

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Boy Scout Summer Camp Packing List


  • Class A (shirt, neckerchief, campaign hat, green or khaki non-gym shorts)

  • T-Shirts (5+) It is preferred you wear a scouting related t-shirt each day. Understanding many do not have that many, a scout appropriate t-shirt will be acceptable. Dry wicking is best. Definitely bring your Class B.

  • Pants & shorts (5+pair)

  • Socks, more than you think you’ll need (10+)

  • Underwear, more than you think you’ll need (10+)

  • Ball cap / Hat

  • Rain gear

  • Extra Shoes (hiking boots)

  • Closed toe water shoes if in an aquatics merit badge (including swimming)

  • Swim suit

Items Specific to Summer Camp

  • Physicals

  • Merit badge worksheets (, books and special equipment required for your merit badge

  • Pencil and Paper

  • Gold Bond anti-chaffing powder

Typical Camp items

  • Medications

  • Re-fillable 16-32 oz water bottle (Nalgene, for example)

  • Personal Hygiene items (Soap, Shampoo, shaving kit, comb)

  • Flip flobs for in the showers

  • Tooth brush + tooth paste

  • 2+ Towels

  • Some of the 10 essentials

    • Sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, glasses strap

    • Headlamp / flashlight

    • First aid kit

    • Knife / Totin Chip

    • Snacks is a container you can keep secured outside your tent

  • Garbage bags

Sleeping Gear

  • Sleeping bag

  • Sleeping pad / Cot / Air mattress

  • Pillow

  • Sleepwear

Should be considered

  • Rope, clothespins

  • Day pack / camel back

  • Camera

  • Money for trading post ($5-10/day for slushies, ice cream, etc. should be sufficient)

  • Scout book/ field book

  • Camp chairs

  • Battery operated fan for in your tent

Stuff not to bring

  • Electronic gadgets (cell phones, etc.) - If brought and it becomes a distraction to you or another scout, you get 1 warning to put it away. It will be taken away for the duration of the campout on the 2nd warning

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