Boris Yordanov Kovachev Born April 23, 1980 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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Boris Yordanov Kovachev
Born April 23, 1980 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Graduated from OU “Aleko Konstantinov” Plovdiv & GHP “Sv.Sv.Kiril I Metodii” Plovdiv.

Higher education and professional life:

A practicing dental technician for the last 10 years. In 1999 started as a clinical-dentistry student at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, part of The Medical University of Plovdiv/BG. During that period I got a semi-legal job as a dental technician in a private laboratory in Plovdiv, taking whatever work I could to finish back home, since I was attending a heavy schedule of lectures and practices as a dentistry student, while working with little to no sleep for weeks at a time.

During my 4-th year i transfered to the Medical College (same university) and graduated as a Dental Laboratory Technician in 2004, while abandoning my education in general clinical dentistry. That was my life's choice since i find lab-work to be far more diverse and creative. That creativity i have explored to the fullest not merely in my day-to-day work, but also in my self-funded scientific research. My original articles with findings and innovations have been published in substantial number of magazines -both Bulgarian and foreign:

- newspaper "Zabotehnika" for the Association of Dental Technicians in Bulgaria (SZB) ISSN 1310-6880

*issue 4, year I, Dec.10.2009 pages 2-4; *issue 1(5), year II, Feb.2010 pages 11-15;

- scientific journal "Zdravni Griji" of the Bulgarian Association of the Healthcare Specialists ISSN 1312-2592

*issue 2, year VIII, July 2010 pages 43-47;

- "Infodent" Magazine ISSN-1311-9842 by Infodent BG Ltd.

*issue 5(81), year VIII, June 2007 pages 61-66; *issue 3(89), year IX, April 2008 pages 62-63;

- "Sleddiplomna Kvalifikacia i Neprekasnato usavarshenstvane v Stomatologiata" Dental Magazine

* vol.6, issue 2, 2007 pages 89-96;

- "Das internationale Zahntechnik Magazin" by Spitta Verlag Gmbh. & Co KG, Germany

*issue 9, year XII, Sept 2009 pages 514-520;

- "The Southern African Dental Technology Journal" ISSN 2077-0871 by DENTASA

*vol.1, issue 4, March 2010, pages 145-148;

- "Dental Lab Journal" UK ISSN 0957-5318 by The Dental Laboratories Association Ltd.

*vol.35, No:3, March 2010, page 19;

- “Dental Dialogue” magazine by Teamwork Media SLR (Italy)

*anno XVII vol.6/2010

- “Dental Tribune” newspaper, Bulgarian edition

*March 2012/ issue 2, year 10
- “Dental Labor” magazine, Polish edition ISSN 1507-664

*May 2012/ issue 2

- “Spectrum Dialogue” magazine by Palmeri Publishing Inc.

*Nov-Dec 2012/ Vol 11, No 9

- Publications in numerous Internet-based databanks and information-platforms, more notably and

In the years following my graduation in 2004 I've attended numerous practical courses and training events under skillful and world-renown instructors. Currently I am in charge of the management and main workflow of my own dental laboratory SMDL “Boris Dental” Ltd. I also provide my services as a demonstrator/instructor/lecturer and conduct courses and seminars both in Bulgaria and internationally - in the Russian Federation, Slovenia, Islamic Republic of Iran, Italy and so on. I have also been doing quite a lot of specialized translations of dental technology texts in Bulgarian, from both English and Russian, my German however is pretty weak , hence i don't use it unless i really need to. More notable translative work – the Newspaper "Zabotehnika", translated the Books "Tips and Tricks" by Guerald Ubassy and “Modelling AFG” by Dario Severino, Oto La Manna and Alberto Battistelli in Bulgarian. I’ve also provided professional translation/interpreting (simultaneous and/or sequential) on vast number of courses, lectures, seminars etc – both from English and Russian to Bulgarian and vice-versa. A crowning achievement amongst those was my non-stop simultaneous translations of the prestigious 2 day Colloquium Dental in Brescia (with more than 1400 spectators and 28 lecturers), Italy October 2010, without any relief or a replacement-interpreter.

Photography for me is a strong passion, which oddly enough I started with for the sake of Dental Technology, as a means for documenting patient cases and presenting my scientific work to the world. However it became more than a hobby – a second job for me in fact. By now I’ve had two Solo Photographic Exhibitions:

  • Sept. 28, 2010 to Oct. 31, 2010 – "& THAT'S PLOVDIV TOO YA'LL" – @Club "Petnoto na Rorshah" and “NyLon”-ArtClub, presenting unusual viewpoints of little known parts of my ancient home-town.

  • Nov. 7, 2012 to Nov. 21, 2012 – “THE PHOTOTECHNICIANS OF BULGARIA” – @ Museum centre for modern history of The Regional Historical Museum of Plovdiv, showcasing portraits of all the 16 people who professionally maintain, repair and service photographic cameras and lenses here in Bulgaria. The youngest of those is 25 and the most experienced – a 71 year old gentleman from Plovdiv, who’s still practicing the trade!

Dec. 14 to Dec. 31, 2012 – participated with 3 medium-format b/w photographs in the annual invitational joint exhibition “Santa Claus and friends” traditionally organized by Monika Romenska – artist and curator of Permanent Exhibition "Mexican Art"- Old Plovdiv.

Jan. 5 to Jan.25, 2013 – participated with 14 photograms on x-ray film (30x40cm each) in a joint art-exhibition, together with Dimitar Mehandzhiysky, which took place in the Galerie Zeitzone, Berlin Germany

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