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Books ASSOCIATED WITH Cartridge Collecting

Ackley, Parker. 1962. Handbook for shooters and reloaders Vol 1. Salt Lake City, Utah. 576p

Ackley, Parker. 1962. Handbook for shooters and reloaders Vol 2. Salt Lake City, Utah. 495p

Alford , Leon Pratt. 1917. Manufacture of artillery ammunition, by members of the editorial staff of the American machinist. McGraw-Hill Book Company. New York, U.S.A. 765p

Alphin, Arthur. 1996. Any Shot You Want; The A-Square Handloading and Rifle Manual. On Target Press. Pewee Valley, Kentucky. 624p

Am Rhyn, Michael. 1985. Schweizerische Patronenboden-Bezeich-nungen, 1867-1985 (Cartridge Head Stamps of Switzerland 1867-1985). Lucerne, Switzerland. 142p

American Machinist. 1942. Artillery and Small-Arms Ammunition. (A compilation of articles on ammunition manufacture from American Machinist). McGraw Hill. 244p

Amesbury, A. Donald. 1964. Let’s Start a Cartridge Collection. Economy Printing. Tucson, Arizona. 20p

Anderhub, Jost-Burkhard. 1975. Headstamps on Hunting and Sporting Ammunition Made by D.W.M.. European Cartridge Collectors Club 1965-1975. E.C.C.C.

Andersen, Per Arne and Andresen, Vidar and Strømstad, Trond. 1995. Cartridge Cases. Andersen, Andresen & Strømstad. Norway. 419p

Ashton, Harold Thomas. 1893. On the manufacture of modern fixed ammunition. Published by the Institution. London, U.K. 26p

Australia - Directorate of Technical Practice. 1942. Notes on the design of tools for the deep drawing of brass Cartridge Cases. Melbourne, Australia.

Bacyk, Ted and Bacyk, David and Rowe, Tom. 1999. Gun Powder Cans and Kegs. Rowe Publications. New York, U.S.A. 269p

Baker, David J and Lake, Roger E. Paradox The Story of Col. G V Fosbery, Holland and Holland, and the Paradox. Vol 1. Self Published.

Barber, John. 1987. The Rimfire Cartridge in the United States and Canada 1857 to 1984 an Illustrated History of its Manufacturers and Their Products. Armory Publications. Tacoma , Washington. 221p   ISBN: 0960498265

Barlerin, Jacques. 1992. Les Cartouches Françaises de 12,7. Paris, France. 109p

Barlerin, Jacques. 1998. Les Cartouches Intermediaires Francais 1944-1970. Paris, France. 127p

Barlerin, Jacques. 1993. Les Cartouches Militaires Françaises, La Cartouche de 7.62mm pour Carabine (.30 carabine). Paris, France. 50p

Barlow, William. 1872. Notes on Ammunition. Stationery Office. London , U.K. 108p

Barnes, Frank. 2003. Cartridges of the World (10th.edition).  (Each edition is significantly different in specialised articles). Krause. Northbrook , Illinios. 526p   ISBN: 0873496051

Bartlett, Wallace. 1985. Cartridges for Small Arms. Pioneer Press. 54p   ISBN: 0913150126

Bartlett , Wallace, and Gallatin, D.B. 1977. Digest of Cartridges for Small Arms Patented in The United States , England and France 1878. Museum Restoration Service. Ontario, Canada. 52p   ISBN: 0919316697

Bearse, Ray. 1966. Centerfire American Rifle Cartridges, 1892-1963. Barnes. Brunswick, New Jersey. 198p

Belton, John. 1977. Pichereau a Paris: A Percussion Shotshell of circa 1822. Arms Collecting. 15:81-83.

Benét, Stephen. 1868. Metallic Ammunition for the Springfield Breech-Loading Rifle-Musket. Frankford Arsenal. Philadelphia, U.S.A. 19p

Betschmann, Walter and Feller, Hans. 1989. Die Entwicklung der Gewehrmunition und der Gewehr der Schweizer Armee von 1815 bis 1990. Eidgenössische Munitionsfabrik Thun. Thun, Switzerland. 59p

Beutter, Manfred. 1993. European Shotshell Manufacturers before 1945, Gustav Genschow. Rosenfeld, Germany. 59p

Beutter, Manfred. 1990. Deutsche Warenzeichen, 1898-1943.

Blyth , Don and Dunn, Anthony G. 1991. The .22 Rimfires of Canada. White Pigeon, Michigan. 162p

Blyth, Don. 1997. The .22 Rimfires of Canada: 1997 update. Blyth. Guelph, Canada. 60p

Brandt, Jakob and Erlmeier, Hans. 1998. Handbuch der Pistolen und Revolver Patronen - Manual of Pistol and Revolver Cartridges (Originally three separate volumes, updated and now bound as one). Journal Verlag Schwend. Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. 706p (Text in German and English) ISBN: 3935210086

Brandt, Jakob and Hamann, Horst. 1986. Die Militärpatronen Kaliber 7,62 x 51 mm NATO, ihre Entwicklung und Abarten - The Military Cartridges Calibre 7,62 x 51 mm NATO, Their Development and Variants (Text in German and English). Journal-Verlag Schwend. Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. 314p

Brandt, Jakob and Hamann, Horst. 1972. Identifizierung von Handfeuerwaffen-Munition. Journal-Verlag Schwend. Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. 228p

Brandt, Jakob and Hamann, Horst. 1972. Identifizierung von Patronenmunition. Wiesbaden, Germany. 334p  ISBN: 3925969012

Brandt, Jakob and Hamann, Horst and Dr.Windisch, Erik. 1981. Die Militärpatronen Kaliber 7,9mm: Ihre Vorlaufer und Abarten. Journal-Verlag Schwend. Schwabisch Hall, Germany. 314p

Browne, Charles. 1870. Ammunition for Rifled Ordnance. London, U.K. 251p

Buchanan, Jim. 2004. Centrefire Metallic Rifle Bullets (June 1955).  Buchanan. Kent, U.K. 40p

Buchanan, Jim. 2004. Eley Bros. Ltd. Workshop Drawings: 1905 to 1925. Buchanan, U.K. 240p

Buchanan, Jim. 1993. Kynoch Ltd: Workshop Drawings for Shop use Only. Buchanan. Kent, U.K. 231p

Buchanan, Jim. 2004. Kynoch Standard Ammunition Book: Rifle, Revolver, Pistol and Shotgun etc. (Ronald Fenby, Inspection Dept. 1905). Buchanan. Kent, U.K. 120p

Burrard, Gerald. 1936. Cartridges for Sporting Rifles. Imperial Chemical Industries. London, U.K. 35p  

Bussard, Michael 2008. Ammo Encyclopedia. 792p

Buttweiler, Robert. 1990. American .22 Rimfire Boxes. R.T.B. Ltd. Houston, Texas . 192p ISBN: 0924164204

Buttweiler Robert. 1988. Buttweilers Guide to Ammunition Prices: The Complete Handbook of Values for the Collector. R.T.B.Ltd. Houston, Texas. ISBN: 068524539X

Buttweiler, Robert. 1983-1999. Collector's Ammunition Auction Catalogue. (12 Volumes to date). R.T.B. Ltd. Winona, Minnesota and Houston, Texas.

Caranta, Raymond and Legrain, Didier. 1980. L'efficacite des Munitions D'Armes de Poing. Crepin-Leblond. Paris, France. 115p

Carpenter, Mel. 2010. An Introduction to MBA Gyrojets and Other Ordnance. Spiral bound, 422p

Casas, Joan. 2003. Cartuchería. Casas Publicación. Barcelona, Spain. 208p

Chamberlain, R. H.. 1988. Early Loading Tools and Bullet Molds. 2nd Edition. Chamberlain. Porterville, California. 88p

Chamberlain, R.H. and Quigley, Tom. 1998. Cartridge Reloading Tools of the Past. Castle Rock. 168p

China North Industries Corporation (Norinco). Compilation of Products, Ammunition. (Two Volumes). 2001.

Commission International Permanente pour l'epreuve des armes a feu portatives (C.I.P.). 1976. Tableaux Des Dimensions De Cartouches Et De Chambres pour les armes de chasse, de sport, de defense, du commerce et pour les engins a buts industriels.  (XIVeme Session Juin 1976.)  24p

Conklin, Charles. 2006.  Military Cartridge Headstamps: Collectors Guide. Heritage Books. U.S.A. 156p.  ISBN: 9780788441172

Corbin, David. The World Directory of Custom Bullet Makers.

Corsi, Riccardo. 1990. Guida per L'Identificazione Delle Cartucce. Editions Olimpia. Firenze, Italy. 336p

Coxe, Wallace. 1933. Smokeless Shotgun Powders. E.I.Dupont De Nemours and Company. Wilmington, Delaware. 91p

Cozijn, V.M. and Martens, B.J. and Slootweg, P.M.A. and Slootweg, M.J. and De Vries, G. 1995. De Mannlicher M.95 en de patroon van 6.5x53.5R. The Dutch Mannlicher M.95 and the 6.5x53.5R Cartridge. NVBMB. Warnsveld, Netherlands. 62p

Crowell, Benedict. History of Small Arms Ammunition 1917-1919. Design Publications. Hyattsville, Maryland. 40p

Crowell, Benedict. 1919. Americas Munitions 1917-1918. GPO. Washington D.C., U.S.A. 592p

Curtis III, Lew. 1998. 9mm Parabellum Headstamp and Case Type Guide Vol 1 (parts 1-3 A-F). GIG Concepts Inc. San Antonio, Texas .

Curtis III, Lew. 1998. 9mm Parabellum Headstamp and Case Type Guide Vol 2 (parts 4-5 G-N). GIG Concepts Inc. San Antonio, Texas .

Curtis III, Lew. 1998. 9mm Parabellum Headstamp and Case Type Guide Vol 3 (parts 5-6 0-R). GIG Concepts Inc. San Antonio, Texas .

Curtis III, Lew. 1998. 9mm Parabellum Headstamp and Case Type Guide Vol 4 (parts 7 S-T). GIG Concepts Inc. San Antonio, Texas .

Curtis III, Lew. 9mm Parabellum Headstamp Checklist. GIG Concepts Inc. San Antonio, Texas. 42p

Curtis III, Lew. 2004. DWM Case Drawings, Vol 1. GIG Concepts. San Antonio, Texas. 200p

Curtis III, Lew. 2004. DWM Case Drawings, Vol 2. GIG Concepts. San Antonio, Texas. 250p

Curtis III, Lew. 2004. Winchester Cartridge and Chamber Drawings (1930-1960). GIG Concepts Inc. San Antonio, Texas. 72p

Cutshaw, Charles. 2004. Jane's Ammunition Handbook 2004-2005. Jane's Information Division. (13th edition) 900p ISBN: 0710626150

Dallas, Donald. 2003. Holland and Holland - The Royal' Gunmaker: The Complete History. Quiller Press. Shrewsbury, U.K.  301p

Datig, Fred. 1962. DWM Cartridges 1896-1956. Fadco. Beverly Hills, California. 125p

Datig, Fred. 1963. Cartridges for Collectors. Vol 1 Centerfire, Metric, British & American Cartridges. Borden Publishing. Los Angeles, California. (1983 Fadco. Beverly Hills, California.) 176p

Datig, Fred. 1980. Cartridges for Collectors. Vol 2 Centerfire, Rimfire, Patent Ignition. Borden Publishing. Los Angeles, California. (1983 Fadco. Beverly Hills, California.) 176p ISBN: 0875050972

Datig, Fred. 1967. Cartridges for Collectors. Vol 3 Centerfire, Rimfire, Plastic. Borden Publishing. Los Angeles, California. (1983 Fadco. Beverly Hills, California .) 176p

Datig, Fred. 1983. Cartridges for Collectors. Vol 4 CenterfireRimfire, Patent Ignition. Borden Publishing. Los Angeles , California . (1983 Fadco. Beverly Hills, California.) 283p

Datig, Fred. The History and Development of Imperial and Soviet Russian Military Small Arms and Ammunition 1700 - 1986:

de Haas, Frank. 1994. Mr. Single Shot's Cartridge Handbook. Orange City, Iowa. 115p

De Hek, W. D. 1995. Military Cartridges Part 1 - 3.5X45 to 20X138B. Nieuwegein, Netherlands. 320p

De Hek, W. D. 1998. Military Cartridges Part 2 Identification, Headstamps, Projector Tipcolours. Nieuwegein, Netherlands. 180p

De Hek, W. D. 2000. Military Cartridges Part 3 Supplement Cartridge Drawings, Cartridge Caliber List. Nieuwegein, Netherlands. 240p

De Hek, W. D. 2003. Military Cartridges Part 4 3.5x45mm through 37x303R. Nieuwegein, Netherlands .

Dibbern, William. 1997. 45-70 Cartridge Variations, Illustrated Listing of 3070 Variations of the .45-70. Stoughton, Massachusetts. 172p

Dixon, Brad. 1997. European Sporting Cartridges Vol. 1 German and Austrian Cartridges. Armory Publications. Bellingham, Washington. 247p ISBN: 0939683105

Dixon, Brad. 2000. European Sporting Cartridges Vol. 2 Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Czechoslovakia, France, Belgium, Russia, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Spain : 1870 to 1998. Armory Publications. Bellingham, Washington. 346p ISBN: 0939683180

Dmitrieff, George. 1994. Caseless Ammunition for Small Arms. Zebrowski Historical Services Publishing Company. New York, U.S.A. 108p ISBN: 1880484072

Dolinek, Vladimir and Karlicky, Vladimir, and Vacha, Pavel. 1995. Czech Firearms and Ammunitions history and present. Radix. Prague, Czech Republic. 190p   ISBN: 8090185355

Donaldson, R.A. 1995. Australian .22 Rimfire Boxes Vol.1 - Winchester .22LR Rimfire Boxes. Doncaster, Australia .

Donaldson, R.A. 1995. Australian .22 Rimfire Boxes Vol.21 – ICI .22 Rimfire Boxes. Doncaster, Australia .

Donnelly, John. 1987. The Handloader's Manual of Cartridge Conversion. Stoeger Publishing Company. 1055p   ISBN: 0883171368

Doris, Thomas Jr. and Taylor, Philip. 1970. Development of Cartridge, 7,62mm, Dim Tracer: XM276. Frankfort Arsenal. USA.

Dowell, William. 1987. The Webley Story: A History of Webley Pistols and Revolvers, and the Development of the Pistol Cartridge. Commonwealth Heritage Press. Kirkland, Washington. 337p

Du Prei, Charles. 1888. A Pocket Treatise on Ammunition. Clowes and Sons. London, U.K. 141p

Dunlap, Roy. 1964. Loading.30 Caliber Match Ammunition. Dunlap. 16p

Dunn, Anthony. 1987. Catalog of the .22 Boxes of the USA.(3 volumes as one). Sturgis, Michigan. 400p

Dunn, Anthony. 1986. Catalog of the .22 Boxes Non-US. Sturgis, Michigan. 400p

Dutton, William. 1942. DuPont One Hundred and Forty Years. Scribners. New York, U.S.A.

Edward, Charles. 1899. The Evolution of Modern Small Arms and Ammunition. Marks and Clerk. London, U.K. 170p

Edwards, Anthony. 2004. Headstamps and Markings on British Service .303 Ammunition. Solo Publications. U.K. 55p

Edwards, William. 1968. Small Arms Ammunition Identification Guide. Panther. 151p

Eley. 2001. Eley Tenex Story: 50 Years of Excellence 1951-2001. 32p

Elks, Ken. 1979. Ammunition with Arabic Markings. Collector Cartridges. Kingston, U.K. 16p

Elks, Ken. 1981. Japanese Ammunition. Collector Cartridges. Kingston, U.K. 87p

Engel von Borsodi, Victor. 1978. Metric Rimfires. Williamsport , Pennsylvania. 24p

Engelhardt, Roland. 1993. Etude Statistique sur les Munitions. France.

Engelhardt, Roland. 1989. Les Munitions. France. 116p

Fleming, Bill. 1993. British Sporting Rifle Cartridges: A Summary of Case Types, Headstamps, Bullets and Charge Variations. Armory Publications. Tacoma . 311p ISBN: 0939683113

Fleming, Bill. 1991. Prices Paid for British Sporting Rifle Cartridges. Armory Publications. Oceanside, U.S.A.

Fossheim, Widar and Senning, Helmer and Støen, Morten. 2004. Metallic Centerfire Cartridges: A list of metallic cartridges with central ignition. Helmer Senning. Oslo, Norway.

Franczyk, Grzegorz. 2004. Polska Amunicja Strzelecka 1919 – 2004 (Polish). Navigator Press. Krakow, Poland.  192p ISBN: 8360217009

Frankford Arsenal. 1971. Technical Note TN-1161, The Encapsulated Folded Ammunition Concept. Philadelphia: Ammunition Development and Engineering Laboratories, Frankford Arsenal.

Fressler, J.. 1909. Die Wirkung des deutschen 8 mm-Spitzgeschosses (S-Munition) an Menschen und Tieren. (Pages.441-621: Contained within "Deutsche Zeitschrift für Chirurgie"). F.C.W.Vogel. Leipzig. 180p

Frost, George. 1990. Ammunition Making. National Rifle Association. Washington, U.S.A.   161p ISBN: 0935998578

Fuchs, R.C. 2000.  .223 Remington (5.56x45mm) Cartridges. Glendale. (on CD only).

Fuchs, R.C. and Fuchs, R.J. 2000.  .50 Cal BMG Cartridges (12.7x99mm).Glendale, Arizona. (on CD only).

Fuller, C.E.. 1933. The Breech-Loader in the Service The Arms Reference Club of America. New York, U.S.A.

Gaier, Claude. 1969. Small Arms Ignition Systems and Ammunition. Belgium . 111p

Gardner, Robert. 1963. Small Arms Makers. Bonanza. New York, U.S.A.  378p

Genschow, Gustav (GECO). 1937. Jubiläumskatalog zum 50 jährigen Bestehen. 20p

Genschow, Gustav. 1937. GECO Funzig (1887 - 25August- 1937) Genschow & Co Festschrift zum 50 jährigen Bestehen, Firma für Waffen, Munition und Jagdgeräte. GECO. Berlin, Germany. 43p

George, W. J. 1900. W.J. George: Sporting Gun and Ammunition Manufacturer. J.D Terson. Dover, U.K. 24p

Gevelot. 1863. Fabrique D'Amorces Et De Cartouches De Chasse Et De Guerre. Editions Michel Lévy. France. 50p

Gibbs, Rocky. 1991. Gibbs' Cartridges and Front Ignition Loading Techniques. Wolfe Publishing. Prescott, Arizona. 64p

Gibson, Robert. 1976. Guide to Collecting the M1 Cartridge. J-B Publications. Greeley, Colorado. 62p

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Gough, Thomas. 1970. Shotguns and Cartridges. A and C Black. London, U.K. 136p

Gracia, Barry. 1984. The Colonial Ammunition Company Cal. .303" Cartridges. Garcia. Stratford, New Zealand. 28p

Gracia, Barry. 1990. The Luttral File, Definitve Study of the CAC Shotshells. Garcia. Stratford, New Zealand. 55p

Gracia, Barry. 1991. Whitney's Heritage: A Study of Cartridges Manufactured by the Colonial Ammunition Company in New Zealand. Gracia. Stratford, New Zealand. 60p

Gracia, Barry. 1989. The New Zealand .22 Rimfire. Gracia. Stratford, New Zealand. 57p

Granelli, Antonia. 1997. Polveri, dosi e Cartucce. Editorale Olimpia. Firenze, Italy. 272p  ISBN: 8825387067

Grant Technologies Group Inc. 1983. Folded Ammunition A Collectors Guide to Folded Ammunition and Related Documentary Data Generated From 1965 to 1983. Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.

Great Britain Patent Office. 1896-1904. Patents for Inventions, Abridgments of Specifications, 1855-1900. 7 Volumes. Reprinted 1981. Museum Restoration Service. Bloomfield, Canada.

Great Britain School of Musketry. 1888. Treatise on Military Small Arms and Ammunition. Reprint. 1971. London. Arms and Armour Press.

Greek Powder and Cartridge Company. 1939. Greek Powder and Cartridge Company Limited (1874-1939). Rudolf Mosse. Athens, Greece. 195p

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Hackley, Frank and Woodin, William and Scranton, Eugene. 1967-78. History of Modern U.S. Military Small Arms Ammunition Vol 1 1880-1939. Macmillan. New York, U.S.A. 328p   ISBN: 1577470338

Hackley, Frank and Woodin, William and Scranton, Eugene. 1967-78. History of Modern U.S. Military Small Arms Ammunition Vol 2 1940-1945. Macmillan. New York, U.S.A. 297p   ISBN: 0882270079

Hærens Materielkommando, Lindegaard, K. 1976. Ammunitionsarsenalets 300 års Jubilæum. Elling, Denmark. 70p

Hagel, Bob. 1978. Game Loads and Practical Ballistics for the American Hunter. Knopf. New York, U.S.A. 315p ISBN: 0394734813

Hamilton, C.V. 1962. U.S. Metallic Center Fire Rifle Cartridges, 1860-1960. Waynesfield, Ohio. 26p

Hamilton, Douglas. 1916. Cartridge Manufacture. The Industrial Press. New York, U.S.A. 167p

Hanauska, Fritz. 1980. Heimatbuch der Marktgemeinde Hirtenberg. Hirtenberg, Austria. 384p

Hanauska, Fritz. Daten zur Geschichte der Hirtenberger Patronenfabrik. Hanauska. Hirtenberger, Austria .

Harding, David. 1999. Smallarms of the East India Company, 1600-1856. (Vol.3. Ammunition and Performance). Foresight. London, U.K. 596p   ISBN: 0953085333 (set ISBN: 0-953085-35-x)

Harris, Lynn . 1962. A List of Cartridge Headstamps for Collectors. Wellington, New Zealand . 12p

Harris, Lynn . 1981. A Little Further, a Little Faster: A Nostalgic Look at the Colonial Ammunition Company, its History and Cartridges. New Zealand Cartridge Collector's Club. Wellington, New Zealand. 72p

Harris, Lynn. 1993. Notes on the .455 Webley Revolver Cartridges (revised). Wellington, New Zealand. 52p

Harris, Lynn. 1980. The Military .303 Cartridge: It's History and Variations. Lynn Harris. Wellington, New Zealand. 116p

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Harris, Lynn. 1994. Webley's .455 Auto Pistol Cartridges. Wellington, New Zealand. 35p

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Harvey, Nick. 2004. Nick Harvey's Practical Reloading Manual (6th edition). Hill End. Mudgee, Australia. 296p   ISBN: 0964306808
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