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Book Review

Chapters required



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ESTHER M. Wilkins : Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienists, 10th edition,

Chapter 66; emergency care

Sara Alabduulaziz

Week 2

- McDonald . AVERY . DEAN ; Dentistry for the child and adolescent ,eighth edition

Chapter 20 ; gingivitis and periodontal disease

Asma Alshammari

Week 3

Chapter 23 ;dental problem of children with disabilities

Noura Alharbi

Week 4

CARRANZA , Clinical periodontology : 10th edition

Chapter 14 ;smoking and periodontal disease

Muneera Alasker

Week 5

Chapter 18 ;periodontal medicine ,impact of periodontal infection on systemic health

Ghaida Alzunidy

Week 6

Chapter43;periodontal therapy in the female patient

Wigdan Alrozoog

Week 7

Chapter 51;scaling and root planning

Basmah Alshehri

Week 8

Chapter 54;sonic and ultrasonic instrumentation

Aisha Almass

Week 9

Chapter 28;bone loss and patterns of bone destruction

Dalal Alshelwi

Week 10





Jill S .Nield-Gehrig ,Donald E. Willmann , Foundations of Periodontics For the Dental Hygienist , third edition

Chapter 27; supragingival and subgingival irrigation

Ghada Alghamdi

Week 11

Chapter 32 ; maintenance for the dental implant patient

Noura alshaher

Week 12

Chapter 33 ; periodontal emergencies

Alanood Alajaji

Week 13

Chapter 21 ; nutrition and periodontal disease

Mashael Alghamdi

Week 14

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