Bones Teachers’ notes Key Stage 3 or 4 (11–17 year olds) Clips from Lecture 2 of 3: Life in orbit christmas lectures 2015 – How to Survive in Space

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Bone Worksheet (KS3)

What do bones need to be able to do?

What forces are acting on your bones on a daily basis? Which directions are they coming from?

Why would muscle and bone waste on the International Space Station?

Which bones support you against gravity?

What do you think happens to the minerals from your bones when your body decides it doesn’t need them any more?

What is the element that makes up the hard part of bones and where does it come from?

What forces are acting on the bone models?

Bone Worksheet (KS4)

What are the risks to an astronaut’s health on board the International Space Station?

How are those risks mitigated?

How would you design an experiment to test the bone density loss of an astronaut?

What else could we learn from studying bone density loss in a weightless environment, and how could we use that information?
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