Bones Notes What Can We Learn?

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1. Determination of Sex (LONGBONES)

  • Normally, the long bones alone are not used alone to estimate gender. However, if these bones are the only ones present, there are characteristics that can be used for sex determination.

  • E.g. maximum length of humerus in _____________ is 305.9 mm, while it is 339.0 mm in ____________

2. Determination of Race

  • It can be extremely difficult to determine the true race of a skeleton for several reasons:

  • First, forensic anthropologists generally use a three-race model to categorize skeletal traits: _____________ (European), _______________ (Asian/Amerindian), and ____________ __________ (African and West Indian).

  • Although there are certainly some common physical characteristics among these groups, not all individuals have skeletal traits that are completely consistent with their geographic origin.
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