Body waxing procedure implements and materials

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Disposable gloves, fabric strips for hair removal, facial chair, hair cap or headband, mild skin cleanser, roll of disposable paper, single or double wax heater, small disposable spatula or small wooden applicators, soothing emollient or antiseptic lotion, towels for draping, wax, and wax remover


Perform the standard pre-service procedure.

1. Melt the wax in the heater.

2. Prepare the bed. Drape the treatment bed with disposable paper or a bed sheet with paper over the top.

3. Offer disposable panties. If this is a bikini waxing, offer the client disposable panties or a small clean towel.

4. Offer a terry wrap. If waxing the underarms, have the client remove her bra and put on a terry wrap. Offer a terry wrap when waxing the legs as well.

5. Assist the client onto the treatment bed and drape the client with towels.

6. Cleanse the treatment area. Thoroughly cleanse the area to be waxed with a mild cleanser and then dry the area.

7. Apply a light covering of powder.

8. Test the wax. Test the temperature and consistency of the heated wax by applying a small drop to your inner wrist.

9. Apply the wax. Using a disposable spatula, spread a thin coat of the warm wax evenly over the skin surface in the same direction as the hair growth. Be sure not to put the spatula in the wax more than once. If the wax strings and lands in an area you do not wish to treat, remove it with lotion designed to dissolve and remove wax.

10. Apply the fabric. Apply a fabric strip in the same direction as the hair growth. Press gently, running your hand over the surface of the fabric three to five times.

11. Remove the wax. Gently apply pressure to hold the skin taut with one hand and use the other hand to quickly remove the adhering wax in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Do not pull the fabric strip straight up.

12. Apply pressure. Apply gentle pressure and lightly massage the treated area.

13. Repeat, using a fresh fabric strip every time.

14. Continue until the treatment is complete. If you are waxing the legs, have the client turn over, and repeat the procedure on the backs of the legs.

15. Remove the remaining residue of powder from the skin.

16. Apply an antiseptic. Cleanse the area with a mild emollient cleanser and apply an emollient or antiseptic lotion.

17. Undrape the client and escort the client to the dressing room.

Complete the standard post-service procedure.

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